TM Forum Awards Evening - Creates Stars on the Cote d’Azur

The TM Forum announces the results of the Excellence Awards that were presented at its Awards Gala dinner last night in Nice. The evening also provided the perfect platform for the Forum to thank some of its key contributors with three new "Distinguished Fellow of the TM Forum" awarded and an "Exceptional Contributing Company Award" going to Telecom Italia.

The Forum established the Excellence Awards program to recognize the global leaders in operational excellence, and to acknowledge the contributions that continue to take this industry in new and innovative directions. Winners have been recognized for their innovative and different approaches to 21st century business operations.

The TM Forum Excellence Awards Winners for 2008:

Best New Management Product:
- Digital Fuel Technologies - ServiceFlow
- With an honorable mention to Intelliden - Intelliden PBCM

Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Campaign:
Joint Winners
- Reliance - Reliance Power Initial Public Offer and Nakina Systems - The Nakina "You Need a Network OS"

Best Practices – Supplier:
- IBM - eTOM Customization and Real World Application

Best Practices – Service Provider
- Telstra Corporation Ltd - OSS transformation With an honorable mention to Telekom Austria - PSS-strategy - 3 years of success

Most Innovative Application of Customer Care:
- Orga Systems/TIM Cellular – Virtual Voucher

Best Prosspero Implementation:
- Vodafone/Ascom - VINE Vodafone International Information Exchange

2008 Best Catalyst Management World Nice:
- One Stop FMC Services Catalyst (which involved Amdocs, Chungwa Telecom, Microsoft, NSN Taiwan, Tata Consultancy and Telus Telecom)

The evening was the perfect public opportunity for the Forum to thank key individuals and organisations that have materially helped advance standards and demonstrated long term commitment and significant leadership.

Telecom Italia was presented with an "Exceptional Contributing Company Award" for its continual work with the development of Business Process Framework (Formally known as eTOM) and the taking of it to the ITU-T as a de-jure industry standard. Telecom Italia have helped with the specification of NGOSS and the Information Framework (formally known as the SID).

The "Distinguished Fellow of the Forum" awards were presented to Nigel Davis of Nortel, Hishashi Tada, recently retired from NEC, and Jenny Huang, OSS Strategic Standards Manager of at&t.

Nigel has been a leading contributor to the Forum from the early days of the Multi-Technology Network Management project and has led multiple activities within the Forum over the past 10 years, playing a leadership role in bringing together the TM Forum interface projects into one single program.

Hishashi Tada represented NEC as a board member for the TM Forum for many years and was strong contributor to the Japan Management Team, instrumental in organising Japananese events and influencing companies on the benefits of joining the Forum.

Jenny has been responsible for the development and alignment of industry standards for at&t's next generation OSS/BSS needs and has specialised in advanced software architecture design and agile software development processes She has contributed her expertise to the definition of a range of TM Forum standards over the years, including NGOSS and the TM Forum Service Delivery Framework.

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