TM Forum Announces New Program Aimed at Large-Scale Buyers

The TM Forum announces that it has been working with the UK Government to establish a new industry program aimed at serving the procurement needs of large-scale end-user organizations. These buyers purchase IT and communications technology on a scale equivalent to many service providers and as such many of the Forum's standards and guidelines and best practices are directly applicable.

The TM Forum has traditionally mainly served the needs of the telecom industry. However, with growing convergence of technologies spurring a major change in the demarcation lines between telecom, cable, media and web players that position is changing very quickly. The same underlying driver, technology convergence, is also changing the picture for many large-scale consumers of communications and IT technologies. No longer are these separate strands of their procurement requirements, the needs for an integrated procurement approach are rising with the advent of convergent approaches such as: Service Oriented computing architectures (SOA), all IP networking, and advanced Service Delivery Platforms.

The needs of large scale service providers are becoming indistinguishable from the needs of large-scale users such as government departments, defense industries, aerospace and financial services industries.

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