TM Forum Publishes New Systems Integration Reference Book

TM Forum has announced the publication of a new reference book aimed at integrating systems applications. Written by John Reilly, at the TM Forum and John Wilmes, of Progress Software, this is the latest in a series that describes how to adopt and apply the TM Forum's New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS) program.

At the heart of NGOSS is the TM Forum's Information Framework which provides the information/data reference model and a common information/data vocabulary essential for integration of systems. Commonly referred to as the Shared Information and Data model (SID) it is widely used across industry. The new book, "Application Integration Using the SID", provides an introduction to application integration frameworks and how to use the TM Forum Information Framework within that context. It provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on scoping, analyzing and designing BSS/OSS integration projects that leverage NGOSS frameworks and integration tools for data interoperability. Topics covered include:
Introduction to application integration frameworks;
Process steps for employing the SID within an integration framework;
SID-based contracts, services and APIs;
Tool support for SID-based integration frameworks;
Real-world case studies.

The book explains to readers how to use the TM Forum Information Framework to overcome typical integration challenges in data mapping and interface design. It also showcases how the common data model architecture contributes to successful service oriented architecture (SOA) implementation. Finally, it explains which features are critical in selecting data integration tools and platforms, and applies lessons from real-world case studies.

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