Imprivata OneSign Leading the Way in NHS Security

Imprivata announces that it has delivered identity and access management solutions to 35 National Health Service Trusts across the UK. Imprivata OneSign is the access and identity management appliance-based solution that these Trusts are using to ensure that all passwords meet Trust security policies, that employees can get swift and secure entry to applications and that the Trust can provide reports and audit data on employees' access to private patient information.

University Hospital of North Staffordshire Trust is one of the latest organisations that has chosen Imprivata OneSign. The Trust has over 3,500 staff that use IT resources as part of their day-to-day activities. "Around 60 percent of calls to our help-desk were related to password reset requests, " said Matthew Eaves, desktop manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire Trust. "Using OneSign, we'll remove these problems as well as enabling increased productivity for both clinical and non-clinical staff. Imprivata OneSign was a proven solution for the issues that we were facing, and the level of support that we received during our pilot project convinced us that we made the right choice."

During the past twelve months, Imprivata partners have installed OneSign at over 20 Trusts. Other NHS customers who have bought Imprivata during this period include Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Tameside and Glossop NHS Trust.

Imprivata OneSign is an appliance that delivers simple, effective identity and access management for organisations of all sizes. OneSign supports multiple strong authentication factors out of the box, including the NPfIT smart card, biometrics, one-time-password tokens, and other proximity / smart cards.

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