TTI Telecom Introduces Netrac Studio 3

TTI Telecom has announced the launch of their Netrac Studio 3, giving network operators a single platform providing centralized control over the entire process and life cycle of data collection and processing for service assurance. The Studio merges the functionality of Mediation, Fault, Performance, and Service management under a single interface.

The Studio enables operators to leverage the robust capabilities from across TTI Telecom's Mediation, Fault, Performance and Service management tools, all from within a centralized platform, improving efficiency and flexibility in network operations supporting Fixed and Mobile networks combining legacy and NGN technologies.

TTI Telecom's Netrac Studio improves OSS usability, giving operators a quick and easy method of adjusting systems and data libraries according to the particular needs of each operator and network landscape. This level of flexibility allows operators to more rapidly deploy new services and network technologies and easily update and upgrade their management system according to network changes with a vendor-neutral and protocol-neutral platform. Netrac Studio is an evolution of the mediation studio announced by TTI in 2005 and brings operators a higher level of efficiency, automation and life cycle management for fault, performance and service management libraries and implementations. The studio includes specialized service assurance libraries development environment, dedicated integrated project layer for additional customizations, cross application SNMP wizards for rapid implementations and more.

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