Raketu Introduces Windows Mobile Version of Its VoIP Communications Software

Raketu has introduced the Windows Mobile version of the company's voice over IP (VoIP) communications software. Raketu's Windows Mobile version, which can be downloaded directly from and runs native on Windows Mobile device handsets, enables smart phone users that run the PPC2003, WinMobile5, and WinMobile6 Windows Mobile operating systems to make free and low cost VoIP calls globally.

Currently, all pre-paid customers of Raketu's desktop based "RakOut" computer-to-phone VoIP services enjoy 1200 minutes of free calling each month dialing from their PC to landline and mobile phones in over 42 countries around the world. Starting immediately, users of Raketu's Windows Mobile application will be able to take advantage of the same free calling promotion. Additionally, Raketu Windows Mobile users will be able to make Raketu phone-to-phone calls, send instant messages, sms-text messages and email.

Raketu's Windows Mobile application is a downloadable software application enabling free and extremely low cost VoIP calling from mobile devices that use the PPC2003, WinMobile5, and WinMobile6 Windows Mobile operating systems. Currently available in beta release via, Raketu's Windows Mobile service supports users globally with free calling zones in 42 countries that include China, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States/Canada among others.

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