Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite for Communications Service Providers

Unipier has announced the release of its Intelligent Policy Suite for Communications Service Providers. The Intelligent Policy Suite is the first centralized system to offer a full set of pre-integrated solutions for all marketing and service delivery needs. This suite includes end-to-end solutions for all key policy domains, including service promotions and offers, viral recommendations, mobile advertising, loyalty plans, content access control and subscriber privacy protection. The suite works seamlessly on top of any existing service delivery infrastructure, providing marketers the best means for controlling the overall user experience and accelerating time to market of marketing initiatives across all delivery channels, without requiring technical personnel assistance.

The mobile arena is becoming increasingly more complex and competitive as a wider variety of services are being offered by a growing number of market players. As service providers strive to maintain their leadership position and their market share, they must leverage their role in the market and increase their added-value beyond pure network capabilities. A key factor in achieving differentiation and profitability lies in adding value on top of service propositions, through targeted service marketing initiatives and optimization of the user experience. With Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite, service providers are offered, for the first time, a rich set of policy solutions that cover all the key VAS domains across any service channel, including mobile browsing, messaging, voice, video, Web 2.0 & IMS.

The development of the Intelligent Policy Suite was based on Unipier's global market experience with its partners and mobile operator customers and involves the integration of the most relevant policy solutions into a fully unified and effective suite. It is based on the field-proven technology of Unipier's Intelligent Policy Manager, which offers an intuitive, flow-based user interface for flexible business policy modeling, full context management, and a complete network integration framework. The Suite provides marketers best-practice templates for targeted promotions and recommendations, bundling offers, contextual advertising, viral marketing, access control, service charging and loyalty, privacy and service assurance. Its advanced behavioral targeting methods ensure a significant enhancement of the overall user experience and satisfaction.

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