NetEx Announces New Version of Its HyperIP Software Technology

NetEx has announced a new version of its HyperIP software technology that boosts performance by almost 50 percent to deliver near-native wire speed performance of 800 Mb/s and currently residing on a non-proprietary, off-the-self Intel appliance.

This new speed standard enables NetEx customers to purchase the HyperIP data acceleration solution on an industry standard platform at 1.5 Mb/s and then add performance as needed up to 800 Mb/s all in the same appliance with no hardware upgrades required. Customers can purchase the performance they need instead of being forced to purchase a specific hardware model with vendor-imposed performance limits as offered by other WAN optimization products that lack the capabilities to compete in enterprise replication and recovery environments. As bandwidth requirements grow performance upgrades are accomplished by supplying a non-disruptive software key, allowing user to pay only for what they need while providing true investment protection. HyperIP software features are not priced separately. Every HyperIP appliance is a complete turnkey solution with advanced features, including TCP application acceleration to mitigate latency, packet loss shield to protect against variable circuit quality conditions that can disrupt and degrade application performance, block-level adaptive compression for up to a 15x performance boost, and application aggregation.

The key to HyperIP's unmatched performance scalability is a software-focused design that does not restrict customers to limited speed ranges. Because of this design innovation, NetEx is capable of leveraging the latest in industry-standard server technology and ride the technology curve for increased performance. Other technologies such as the hardware based WAN optimization providers lock customers into proprietary hardware with platform-imposed speed restrictions.

By leveraging the versatility of its software-based technology, NetEx was the first company to offer "Recovery on Demand" feature which allows customers to non-disruptively increase their WAN capacity by 10X by simply increasing their HyperIP performance key during recovery operations or during planned recovery testing. The Recovery on Demand feature is free of charge to NetEx customers for a period of 10 days and is available at any time for customer requirements. Recovery on Demand caused a stir amongst WAN optimizer vendors and triggered a flurry of "me-too" feature sets claims from competitors with products that were not designed to support efficient, high-speed data center-to-data center data transport. The reality is that none of those claims of Recovery on Demand features comparable to HyperIP are true, given the hardware constraints that other vendors impose on performance. The limitations of proprietary hardware platforms preclude anything close the performance scalability and Recovery on Demand functionality available with NetEx and HyperIP. The only way for other vendors to improve performance beyond the hardware-enforced limits for customers is to junk their hardware investment and do a forklift upgrade to a new hardware platform.

HyperIP is NetEx's business continuity and disaster recovery optimization solution for backup, recovery and data replication applications. It provides unmatched performance for moving TCP data efficiently using patent-pending technology that accelerates and optimizes the industry-leading data replication and file transfer applications by aggregating multiple data replication applications over a shared connection while mitigating the inherent network latency and network disruption for long-distance remote TCP/IP data transmissions. HyperIP line-optimization appliances support long-distance data transfers at up to 800 Mb/s, the highest performance of any optimization appliance on the market, and 25 to more than 100 percent faster than competitive products. Transfer speed is optimized for the full range of data management applications, including backup & remote replication and business continuance/disaster recovery (BC/DR). HyperIP has been qualified with EMC's SRDF, Centera Replicator and Celerra Replicator, TrueCopy from Hitachi Data Systems, IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager and Global Mirror, SnapVault and SnapMirror from Network Appliance, DataGuard and DBsync from Oracle and Symantec's NetBackup, Replication Exec and Volume Replicator.

HyperIP is currently available in a variety of scalable configurations, based upon bandwidth required with data rates ranging from 1.5 Mb/s up to 800 Mb/s.

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