Caringo Releases White Paper about Its CAStor software

Caringo has released a white paper detailing the performance characteristics of its CAStor software. The paper provides IT managers with valuable information for understanding what's needed to design and deploy a performance-optimized content storage solution to meet the speed and budget requirements of competitive business operations.

The white paper titled "Performance Considerations and Metrics" and authored by Caringo co-founder and President Jonathan Ring, provides potential customers an understanding of the environmental and technical considerations to be addressed such as application and client workloads as well as CPU and RAM configurations. The performance numbers in this paper demonstrate CAStor's unique ability to provide the speed of primary storage and the affordability for long term content archiving. Readers will be delighted to find that these excellent performance metrics apply to both small and large files.

The Caringo performance white paper explores issues related to high-performance clusters, cluster size, network fabric, client loads and more. In addition it illustrates how CAStor provides customers the ability to take advantage of hardware improvements in processing power, energy efficiency and capacity to seamlessly enhance cluster performance, scale and reduce power consumption. It delivers these capabilities while also mitigating issues of "hot spots", storage capacity, number of files and file size limitations encountered by traditional file system approaches to storing unstructured content.

CAStor is scalable, high-performance and extremely cost-effective software that runs on standard, commodity server hardware for a fraction of the price of other storage systems focused on unstructured content. CAStor is self-healing, managing and configuring, uses no proprietary APIs, and requires no provisioning or downtime to add storage capacity in real time. With CAStor, an organization can store all of its active and archive content with guaranteed integrity in a single tier storage environment that scales from 1 terabyte to petabytes all while requiring minimal administration and management. Customers have implemented CAStor clusters as content archives for long-term preservation as well as general content storage to support other applications such as online media services and Web 2.0 applications.

The Caringo performance white paper is available at no charge on Caringo's web site.

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