Adaptec Deploys ConSentry Intelligent Switches

With the debut of its Intelligent Switching architecture, ConSentry Networks announces that Adaptec is deploying the ConSentry LANShield Switch as part of a total network upgrade. The company is using LANShield's Intelligent Switching capability to provide user and application control across its worldwide operations, including its Milpitas, California, headquarters, its technology centre in Orlando, Florida, and nine other locations.

The challenge for Lou Owayni, Adaptec global network and telecom manager, was positioning the company for new global growth with a "best in class" next-generation network capable of delivering new services, a reduced total cost of operation, and consolidated management.

According to Owayni, Adaptec required differentiated access control for engineering teams and company visitors, separation of the company's lab and production networks, support for new wireless and voice over IP implementations, better user activity reporting, and future proofing to accommodate new technologies. He was also seeking to reduce TCO across LAN switches as well as the new wireless and VoIP services.

After reviewing LAN access switches from Cisco Systems and others, Adaptec selected the ConSentry LANShield Switch, based on its Intelligent Switching architecture, to displace the existing Cisco access switches. Adaptec is deploying LANShield Switches across its access edge, supporting the wireless and VoIP services and running 10 gigabit uplinks for future proofing.

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