Wintegra Broadens Its Portfolio With IP-Only Product Family

Wintegra has announced its WinIP family of IP-only silicon and software solutions. The WinIP family is well suited for emerging Carrier Ethernet applications such as wireless backhaul connectivity between wireless basestations, wireless LTE transport and Metro Ethernet access applications.

The migration to all IP networks by carriers does not simplify the protocol processing requirements imposed on their equipment providers. For instance, simple switches are not sufficient to provide advanced encapsulation such as MPLS, L2TP, GRE and Ethernet pseudo-wire and the Quality of Service features such as shaping, policing and re-marking of IP packets needed by carriers to offer service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers. The WinIP family provides all of this protocol processing, plus legacy support for TDM pseudo-wires and synchronization (clock recovery), all required by the evolving Metro Ethernet applications. WinIP devices are field upgradeable and provide superior product longevity, since installed systems can be remotely modified to adapt to new standards.

On-board the WinIP family are both data path and control path processing elements to facilitate rapid hardware development. The initial family members support up to 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 24 Fast Ethernet Ports, and can utilize DDR-I and DDR-II SDRAM and SRAM memories with ECC support. The WinIP devices have on-board hardware accelerators for shaping, integrated encryption support as well as TDI Clock Generation Circuitry.

Equally important as the advanced hardware components are the available production-quality software modules supplied royalty- and NRE-free from Wintegra. Interworking support for the following protocols are available:
- Bridging/Routing/Switching;
- L2TP;
- Synchronous Ethernet and others..

QoS support includes:
- Ethernet OAM;
- Packet classification;
- Hierarchical shaping;
- Statistics/billing as well as packet policing;
- 2 Rate 3-Color Marking.

Advanced L2 protocols such as PWE3-SATOP, PWE3-CESoPSN, Ethernet G.Bond and RFC2507/8/9 are all available. Customers can mix and match the protocols to suit their specific application. Interfacing to customer software is straightforward with Wintegra's supplied CG-WDDI (Carrier Grade - Wintegra Device Driver Interface).

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