IGEL Announces Its Latest Linux Firmware

IGEL Technology has announced its latest Linux firmware upgrade enhancing its range of thin clients. The firmware delivers enhanced security through smartcard authentication of RDP sessions with the inclusion of the new Winconnect RDP client. When combined with the integrated Leostream client already included in IGEL's Linux firmware, organisations can deploy virtual Windows PCs using secure two-factor authentication and single-sign-on security.

The upgrade also allows users to run multiple remote desktops in separate windows on the same screen. This function is suitable for programmers or financial traders who would previously have had to switch between remote desktops using hotkeys since each desktop filled a whole screen and could not be windowed. This gives users a far better overview in multi-desktop environments.

Additional features in the Linux firmware includes the FireFox 2 web browser with its improved tabbed browsing, integrated search, integrated Popup-Blocker and protection against Phishing. Users will also experience enhanced video performance and support for a broader range of media with the latest version of mplayer.

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