IGEL Launches New Integrated 19" Flat Panel LCD Thin Clients

IGEL Technology has announced its new integrated 19 inch flat panel LCD thin clients using Samsung hardware technology. The Elegance 9319 LX and 9619 XP are suited for point-of-sales solutions or space-constrained environments in retail, financial services and healthcare.

Alongside a high quality display from one of the world's leading flat screen vendors, the latest Elegance models contain a premium set of digital services including Citrix ICA 10, Microsoft RDP 6, a Leostream VDI client for connecting to virtual PCs, terminal emulation, web browser, multi-media plus others. The Linux model also includes a VoIP client enabling one device to be used for both application and voice access. The new 19 inch Elegance models support smart card readers and the Linux version also Cisco VPN for remote access.

Bundled with every IGEL thin client is a full version of IGEL Remote Management Suite. This powerful yet easy-to-use tool enables the remote management of all IGEL clients, saving money, time and hassle.

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