Clickatell, Dontgo Launch Real-time SMS Customer Feedback Service

Clickatell has announced the launch of an innovative mobile customer service notification system. Maintaining excellent customer service is the top concern for most organizations. Using Clickatell's global mobile messaging services, Dontgo provides consumers with the power to easily send text messages directly from their cell phones at the time of service. Customers can report bad service using their cell phone in a matter of seconds. Consumers can also decide to let people know about extraordinary service using the same system.

Research reveals only a fraction of customers complain to businesses directly when they receive bad service, giving companies little chance to deal with problems directly. Most consumers around the globe simply withdraw their support and criticize the establishment to anyone who'll listen. Now, using the Dontgo mobile customer feedback system, customers can communicate to organizations directly, sending them an SMS on the spot. This enables organizations to listen and respond to complaints about negative customer service experiences immediately rather than after weeks of dissatisfaction. Available today in South Africa, this new service is being used by a broad range of organizations including restaurants, hotels, airlines, grocery store chains, and many other businesses.

Dontgo provides organizations with several service options for customer care to easily monitor, pre-empt and address service shortfalls. Participating organizations advertise the service in their retail outlets so their customers can provide feedback for their complaints using their cell phones. Customers send the keyword, "don't" to a specific SMS short code "34040", followed by the name of the company and their comment. Dontgo then sends the information via email to subscribers at a nominal cost per month. Non-subscribers are called and provided with alerts at no cost on the first occasion. Industry specific service reports are also available to participating organizations which outline continued service problems and create the opportunity for them to establish a competitive service advantage.

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