AppTrigger Launches Ignite Application Session Controller 8.0

Service providers currently face major obstacles as they transition from legacy to IP-based networks. The ever-evolving nature of service provider networks creates stranded applications and a breakdown in application feature transparency, resulting in substantially higher operating costs, slower development cycles, and greater subscriber churn.

As service provider networks continue to evolve and expand, business cases struggle to justify replacing large scale IN revenue producing applications. AppTrigger aims to solve this problem with the Ignite Application Session Controller (ASC) version 8.0. Ignite 8.0 delivers Intelligent Network Service Capability Server (IN-SCS) functionality that enables service providers to bridge the gap by ensuring their existing voice-centric IN applications such as pre-paid and voice messaging are able to work within the IMS networks. Service providers will experience dramatic CAPEX savings as they no longer need to re-write or re-purchase these IN applications.

AppTrigger's Ignite Application Session Controller provides a purpose built network element that resides between the application layer and the control plane with the purpose of delivering the right combination of call/session control, signaling, switching and media capabilities to support multiple applications for both new and legacy networks. By utilizing AppTrigger's Ignite ASC, service providers can re-purpose versus re-purchase applications to work and thrive in IMS/NGN networks resulting in faster time to market and significant cost savings.

The AppTrigger Ignite ASC 8.0 provides an application delivery solution that ensures feature transparency across a variety of disparate networks that is more efficient than other existing models. Key IMS migration features include:
- IN-SCS INAP Functionality is for evolving large scale legacy IN applications into IMS network architectures. New IN-SCS INAP (Intelligent Network Application Part is a signaling protocol used in the intelligent network architecture) enables interworking of European wireline networks.
- SIP ISC Support (IMS Service Control) Allows services deployed within the IMS environment to interact with the SIP sessions. Provides critical user profile and information updates coupled with features for IMS applications. This includes ensuring the user is allowed to utilize the requested service and is billed for its use and retrieval of user information to be used by the end application.
- IN Application Brokering AppTrigger's Ignite 8.0 supports brokering two existing IN based applications, allowing service providers to maximize the use of existing applications to create new service offerings.

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