Packeteer Introduces the Talon TC30

Packeteer has announced the introduction of its new Talon TC30, a multi-gigabit application performance monitoring and control solution delivering speeds of up to 6Gbps for the Internet and WAN. A modular appliance that turbo-charges Packeteer's flagship PacketShaper 10000, the Talon TC30 is Packeteer's latest WAN application performance innovation and is a part of Packeteer's vision to provide Intelligent Service Assurance solutions that more intelligently optimize WAN performance for any user, anywhere in the enterprise. The Talon TC30 is the first product to utilize Packeteer's new high-speed product architecture developed in conjunction with Cavium Networks.

By offering a "turbo-boost" to Packeteer's PacketShaper appliances, the Talon TC30 allows real-time visibility and control over traffic running across OC-12 to OC-48 Internet and core networks. By helping customers understand exactly which applications are running on their most critical network links and how these applications are performing, Talon TC30 increases a network administrator's ability to manage and prioritize the demands of numerous competing applications and users. The Talon TC30 scales to intelligently enforce bandwidth usage policies for the largest LAN and WAN links, ensuring key applications and services maintain peak performance levels while preventing non-essential traffic from congesting a customer's most expensive network links.

By delivering 6Gbps of aggregate throughput, a single Talon TC30 delivers high-performance Layer 7 Plus application discovery, performance reporting, bandwidth partitioning, and policy enforcement for up to three concurrent Ethernet segments connecting to a customer's WAN links. This enables the Talon TC30 to intelligently partition users and prioritize all data, voice and video applications. The Talon TC30 serves as a strategic infrastructure component for allocating bandwidth, providing a high-capacity aggregation point for intelligently managing connectivity to an organization's remote sites. As a result, bandwidth allocation can be established and enforced across the entire organization in accordance with business priorities.

For example, the Talon TC30 can be easily configured to manage the allocation of bandwidth reserved for specific external business partner applications such as hosted ERP, CRM or web-enabled applications while proactively suppressing bandwidth for traffic designated as recreational, malicious or illegitimate. To ensure business critical applications receive and maintain high priority status, the Talon TC30 provides proactive event notifications to ensure consistent service level performance as well as dynamic anomaly detection to contain the propagation of viruses and malicious traffic.

Because the Talon TC30 works in conjunction with Packeteer's IntelligenceCenter centralized management platform it can be used to manage service level agreements for all transactional, converged and bulk applications and ensure the highest fidelity for bandwidth intensive voice and video traffic. With Talon and IntelligenceCenter, customers will gain new insight into how their high-capacity links are being used to validate recurring and consumption-based business expenses as well as justify network infrastructure spending. This advanced network monitoring will also provide real time views into business applications to assure acceptable service levels are being established and maintained.

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