DeepNines Launches iTrust for Xserve at Macworld

DeepNines Technologies has launched its iTrust, a unified threat management solution on Xserve at the Macworld Conference which is being held at San Francisco's Moscone Conference Center.

Now through its iTrust for Xserve, DeepNines can offer all Apple users its protection whether in the classroom or at the office. Enterprise customers are tackling similar issues as schools, in loosing bandwidth and access to mission critical business applications due to inappropriate Internet usage by employees.

iTrust from DeepNines enables network administrators to not only protect users and their networks, also control and prioritize online content they can apply and enforce policy. DeepNines ensures that technology from Apple is not being misused by eliminating access to web proxies, peer-to-peer file sharing, and other unwanted content that violates an acceptable use policy (AUP).

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