RELDATA Expands VAR Channel

RELDATA has announced three new additions to its VAR channel. "Our clients look to us to show them how to save time and money in their IT operations with innovative, outside-the-box thinking", said David Gibson, Managing Director at ComputerTech. "RELDATA delivers a seamless way for them to see and manage their SAN and NAS storage resources as one, like looking through a window and saving hard dollars in the process."

"Our clients are facing an exponential growth of data which is quickly out-pacing traditional NAS capacities and labor budgets", said Fernando Sabio of Internetworking Solution Professionals. "Our solution to this problem is consolidation through storage virtualization. With features such as active-passive failover, replication and an open storage architecture, the RELDATA 9240 Unified Storage Gateways are poised to make many storage managers very happy."

"Partnering with RELDATA allows us to continue to offer strategic value to our customers through unified storage solutions. Now we can offer this strategic technology with significant cost savings for our customers", said Jason Sparks, Vice President of Storage and Systems, Xiologix. "With lower costs, more reliable features, higher performance and strong availability, RELDATA gives us a huge advantage over our competition".

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