ON Telecoms Deploys Neptuny's Caplan-IPTV Edition for Its IPTV Services

ON Telecoms has deployed Neptuny's Caplan-IPTV Edition for its IPTV Services. Neptuny's Caplan-IPTV Edition is a decision support, service reporting and capacity-planning platform that allows IPTV managers to make proactive strategic decisions based on objective data, collected from different layers in the IPTV infrastructure. ON Telecoms are using Caplan-IPTV Edition to ensure efficiency of their existing systems and optimize the allocation of their IT resources as well as provide a strategic view enabling them to predict trends in demand for services.

The IPTV market is continually evolving, driven by consumer demand for exciting new forms of entertainment. ON Telecoms differentiates itself by providing its customers with new content and services as fast and as effectively as possible anticipating viewers needs. Currently, most operators calculate their future resource requirements by using spreadsheets containing complex formulas to determine what extra resources they would need if a new service was offered. This can take a lot of time and effort to ensure accurate decisions are made. ON Telecoms, well-known for using leading-edge technology and staying ahead of the game, were looking for a system that would enable the execution of these strategic tasks to guarantee customer satisfaction and generate more revenue.

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