EYM Trio and Varijashree Venugopal - Hypnotic Release Bangalore

If there was one word to describe the creative

process behind this album, it would be spontaneity. It was born on stage, motivated by a request from the audience, in a natural impulse. "There are times when you meet someone who knows how to take your music down uncharted paths, where everything becomes possible. Such is the case with Varijashree Venugopal, " says Elie Dufour.

The album "Bangalore", was recorded under live conditions, in just one afternoon. Only one take was needed for each track, and no alterations were made to keep it true to the band's live sound. Bangalore is a "small town of 14 million inhabitants in the South Indian state of Karnataka*. This is where the trio of Élie, Yann and Marc (EYM) met Varijashree. It's a town with which the band retains a particularly strong bond after years of touring.

EYM Trio's ability to travel the world and soak up the music they discover feeds an open-ended game. Varijashree knew how to play Carnatic** music even before she could walk. She then developed a passion for Western music and jazz. "That's the kind of collaboration we're all looking for in our lives as musicians.

This album is a crossroads between jazz and

Carnatic music, blurring the boundaries between the two worlds. Like a kapla structure, the trio's pieces are deconstructed to be rebuilt in new ways. Only the title track, Jagadoddarana, is taken from the traditional

Carnatic repertoire.

* State in southwestern India, with Bangalore as its capital

** Classical music from South India

*** Official language spoken in the state of Karnataka


Voice/flute : Varijashree Venugopal

Piano : Elie Dufour

Drums : Marc Michel

Doublebass : Yann Phayphet


01 : No Madness 6.49

02: Borders 5.53

03 : Song for Anilou 5.03

04 : Bangalore 9.36

05 : Jagadoddarana 4.53

06 : I'm Travelling Alone 8.05

07 : Emile 5.04

08 : Namaste! 6.49

Recorded at ICP Studios, Brussels

Sound engineer - Joel Workman

Mixed by Elie Dufour

Mastered by Marie Pieprzownik

Artwork by Atelier Pers

Published by Melmax Music

Produced by Kollision Records

Official release October 6, 2023

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