Olivia Foschi, A Window Within CD Release Party Announced

Olivia Foschi is a jazz singer, composer and educator who weaves together the rich tapestries of her San Francisco roots and Italian upbringing with her profound passion for jazz, which ignited under the tutelage of Roy Zimmerman and further blossomed through her classical Nepali vocal studies with Aavaas in Kathmandu. Her academic journey in English Literature and formal music education across Italy and Leeds University fortified her artistic foundation, leading to a first-place victory at the "Jazz Women in Blues" competition in 2009. Relocating to New York in 2010, Foschi's exploration of jazz deepened, studying under Marc Mommaas, Fay Victor, and Jeremiah Abiah, and delving into the rhythmic complexities of Konnakol with Ganesh Kumar since 2014. With albums like Perennial Dreamer and Fleeting Windows to her credit, and performances on New York City's grand stages, Foschi has cemented her place in the jazz world, eagerly anticipating the release of her third record in June 2024.

Following this rich journey of musical exploration and personal growth, Foschi's latest endeavor, A Window Within, emerges as a deeply personal narrative set against the backdrop of global upheaval and personal loss. This album, a testament to Foschi's resilience and creativity, was sparked by a challenge from drummer Mauricio Zottarelli to expand her repertoire of original compositions. Amid the reflective solitude of the Covid pandemic and the poignant loss of her grandmothers, Foschi embarked on a cathartic creative process that reaffirmed her identity as a composer and musician.

Musically, the album is a collaborative effort, with Foschi and Zottarelli crafting the heart of the arrangements, further refined by the adept pianist Matt King. The ensemble, completed by Marco Panascěa (bass) and Vinicius Gomes (guitar), brings to life Foschi's compositions in a recording session that can only be described as magical.

"Caught Me By Surprise" captures the enchanting moment of Olivia's first encounter with her future husband, Joel Kretschman. This piece delves into the spellbinding essence of love at first sight, drawing upon the intricate art of konnakol and a percussive vocal style to evoke the whirlwind of emotions experienced. It's a creative homage to an ancient vocal tradition that has been a significant part of Olivia's musical journey, showcasing her innovative use of rhythmic harmonies to lay the foundation for a captivating melody.

"Pieces of Central Park" emerges from Olivia's observant eye on the duality of Central Park's reputation for love and loneliness. Inspired by the sight of conservancy staff at work, this song explores the notion that, much like gathering leaves, one can collect fragments of the park's solitary visitors to mend discarded dreams of love. It is a reflection on finding unexpected beauty and moments of joy amid the solitude, challenging the common narratives associated with the iconic park.

"Live With It, " co-written with Mauricio Zottarelli, was born from an organic melding of rhythm and spontaneity when lyrics and melodies did not initially converge. Prompted by Olivia's son's suggestion to "live with it for a while, " this high-energy track celebrates the essence of its creation through the diverse percussive elements Mauricio incorporates, embodying the song's title and its laissez-faire origin.

"Cun la Préma Stëla" revives a traditional song from the 1920s by D. G. C. Martuzzi and A. Spallicci, intended to rekindle the joy of singing in post-war rural Italy. Olivia's arrangement for voice, cajon, and guitar breathes new life into this tale of young lovers reunited, preserving a piece of her heritage and keeping a dying language alive. This track underscores her commitment to her roots and the importance of cultural memory in her music.

"Nona" is a heartfelt tribute to Olivia's grandmother, Joan H. Martin, reflecting on her profound influence and the poignant circumstances surrounding her passing during the early days of COVID-19. This song navigates the complex emotions of loss, distance, and the longing for closure, aiming to offer solace to those mourning loved ones amidst unprecedented times.

"East Wind" contemplates Olivia's reflections on the global landscape and her personal introspections on her role within it. This composition invites listeners into a meditative journey through the currents of change, echoing the shared experiences of uncertainty and resilience in the face of global challenges.

"Savoring the Rain" offers a glimpse into the intimate moments shared between Olivia and her husband in their sunroom, celebrating the simple pleasure of rainfall on a glass ceiling. This odd meter bossa nova emerged spontaneously, symbolizing the natural rhythm and harmony of their life together, highlighting the beauty in life's quiet moments.

"Subtle Farewell" is an introspective piece that bids adieu to the past while embracing the transformative journey brought on by recent years. It's a musical reflection on the continuous cycle of endings and beginnings, encapsulating the introspective and evolving nature of Olivia's artistry.

"John John Joel and Joan" uniquely merges konnakol with a story of serendipity and rediscovery. Originating from a whimsical evening with friends, this song underwent a transformation to express Olivia's fears and hopes during the pandemic. Closing the album with this track symbolizes a full circle, celebrating the collaborative spirit of the project and the enduring power of music to connect and heal.

Each track on A Window Within unfolds a chapter of Olivia Foschi's personal and artistic growth, inviting listeners into a rich tapestry of human experience woven through the universal language of jazz.

Recorded at Trading 8s in Paramus, NJ, and mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington in NYC, A Window Within is a vibrant testament to Foschi's artistry and her journey through life's multifaceted challenges. Dedicated to her brother, Alex, and in memory of "Nona" Joan H. Martin, the album stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, inviting listeners to share in Foschi's profound musical and emotional landscapes.

A Window Within is a vibrant product of Foschi's enduring artistry and her journey through the multifaceted challenges of life. For those who seek not just music but a reflection of the soul's journey through adversity and joy, Olivia Foschi's A Window Within offers a harmonious blend of jazz that transcends borders and time, inviting listeners to a world where every note speaks of growth, introspection, and the unbreakable spirit of humanity.

Players: Instrument
Olivia Foschi (voice)
Mauricio Zottarelli (drums/percussion)
Matt King (piano/Rhodes/melodica)
Marco Panascěa (bass)
Vinicius Gomes (guitar)

Tracks, Composer/Arranger, Time:
1. CAUGHT ME BY SURPRISE (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/Zottarelli) 4:43
2. PIECES OF CENTRAL PARK (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/King) 4:11
3. LIVE WITH IT (By: O. Foschi/M. Zottarelli; Arr.: Foschi/King/Zottarelli) 5:14
4. CUN LA PRÉMA STËLA (By: D. G. C. Martuzzi/A. Spallicci; Arr.: Foschi/Zottarelli) 4:46
5. NONA (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/King) 4:31
6. EAST WIND (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/King/Zottarelli) 5:14
7. SAVORING THE RAIN (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/King/Zottarelli) 5:10
8. SUBTLE FAREWELL (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/King/Zottarelli) 4:36
9. JOHN JOHN JOEL AND JOAN (By: O. Foschi; Arr.: Foschi/Zottarelli) 3:02

Productions Credits:
Recorded by Chris Sulit at Trading 8s, Paramus, NJ, April 24, 2023
Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Studios, NYC, Aug 22, 2023 Produced by Olivia Foschi and Mauricio Zottarelli
Cover photography by Lorenzo Angelini
Graphic design by All These Wonders
Session photo by Christopher Drukker
Album Info:
Artist: Olivia Foschi
Album Name: A Window Within
Add Date: June 10, 2024
Street Date: June 8, 2024
Label: Self-Released
Artist Website:

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