Bob Gorry Annouces Bintam Granite Records First Release

Bintam Granite Records will be recording and releasing music featuring Bob Gorry in duo and trio improvisations with musicians working in and around New Haven CT. It is another golden age for improvised music in New Haven and CT with a wealth of musicians performing and developing new sounds and approaches.

The first release is The Trio featuring Bob Gorry on guitar, Diane Buettner on Bass Clarinet, Soprano Clarinet, Flute, and Stan Nishimura on the Trombone. Musical Conversations and explorations over five improvisations showcasing deep musical explorations and almost mystical connections.

"There are so many wonderful musicians at work in and around New Haven today and I want to record with as many as I can. It is great to get the recent work of Diane and Stan recorded. Stan is a legend and we had an instant rapport when we started doing duets, performing at the Multiplex series I curated with Joe Morris at the State House in New Haven. Diane was part of the Wadada Leo Smith led Creative Musicians Improvisers Forum
(CMIF) in a previous New Haven golden age and we are glad to have such an impressive voice back on the music scene. Stan and I were working on duets for a while, but when Diane joined us there was a certain complimentary magic and we continue to develop real depth as a Trio. I'm so glad to present this beautiful document as the first entry in this new collection." -Bob Gorry

Title: The Trio
Release Date: March 20th, 2024
Label: Bintam Granite Records
Catalog Number: bgR-001
UPC Code: 195269297992
Musicians: Bob Gorry Guitar; Diane Buettner - Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flute; Stan Nishimura -Trombone
Track listing

Discussions and Declarations 12:53
Abiding 9:46
Stanchion 10:43
Rolling One 9:27
Ghost Action 5:50

Total Time: 55:21
All tracks Bob Gorry

Discussions and Declarations starts it off with a spirited conversation between bass clarinet, trombone, and guitar and eventual agreements. Abiding features lively flute work over guitar chording and Trombone support. Stanchion anchors the middle piece in the section with striking soprano clarinet. Rolling one has more bass clarinet over guitar that is sometimes furious and sometimes pensive with exploratory and voluble trombone. The spiritual Ghost Action closes off the program beginning with some other-worldly flute and ending with some blazing clarinet.

The Trio is a compelling collection of exploratory conversations showcasing a trio with telepathic rapport.

Bob Gorry is a guitarist/composer/bandleader living in and working out of New Haven, CT. He curates the NEB New Music series and leads the New Haven Improvisers Collective. Current other working bands include GoBruCcio, The Light Upon Blight Ensemble, Rhinoch, and Roundhouse quartet. He has led groups into a conduction with Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, a long-form composition for improvisers at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas and many other venues and festivals. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Signal to Noise, Cadence Magazine, and other publications. He has performed and recorded with Joe Morris, Stephen Haynes, Butch Morris, Allen Lowe, Carl Testa, Anne Rhodes, Adam Matlock, Brett Bottomley, Jeff Cedrone, Michael Larocca, David Chevan, Shawn Persinger, Albert Rivera, and many more.

Diane Buettner is a Connecticut based musician who plays bass and soprano clarinets and flute. She began learning the saxophone in various school bands and programs, and went on to playing in blues and R & B bands in Colorado. After returning to Connecticut, she did a short stint at Berklee, but left after becoming increasingly drawn to free improvisation.
It was at this time that she added doubles on bass clarinet and flute. She later attended workshops with the Art Ensemble of Chicago at the Creative Music Studio (Woodstock, New York), and with Leo Smith in New Haven CT, following with a few years membership in the CMIF (Creative Musicians Improvisors Forum) also playing with the likes of Mario Pavone, Jerry Hemingway, Marty Ehrlich and Oliver Lake. Soon after, health and well-being issues caused her to leave music abruptly. Many years had passed when she returned to music with the flute by studying with Peter Standaart at Wesleyan. Recently she's been concentrating on the bass and soprano clarinets. While looking for opportunities to play and find musicians with similar interests, she began attending NHIC (New Haven Improvisors Collective) workshops in New Haven and is gradually making connections, performing, attending performances, listening, waking up, being available, working hard and looking for more.

Stan Nishimura (trombone) was born 1943 in Poston, Arizona and grew up in Denver, Colorado. He started on Trombone in the fourth grade and continued to play through and develop. In 1964-66 he was in a division band in the U.S. army in Germany and was caught up in the rich and vibrant jazz scene in Munich, focusing on trombone duets for a time. After leaving the army he was in Denver when he got a call to join a jazz big band and travelled with the band for almost two years and he and other of the band stayed in Las Vegas where he played various shows for three years.
There was a decade or more that he did not perform but studied painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute getting an MFA in the 1970's. In 1975, he moved to the east coast living for five years in lower Manhattan. In 1980 he moved to CT, where he attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT studying music composition and performance and getting an MA in 1985. During the 1980's and 90's he initiated and organized performance pieces incorporating elements of improvised music, words, and movement and performing in New Haven as well NYC and across New England.
In the early 1990's he started playing with Blaise Siwula, a saxophone and multi-reed musician who organized C.O.M.A. the long-running Sunday evening of improvised performances by a wide range of groups in a performance space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Stan's life transformed in the 1990s with his commitment and support to the leadership of the revolutionary communist, Bob Avakian. He continues to be inspired by Mr Avakian's New Communism and work against fascism in all its forms.
In recent years he has concentrated on playing in New Haven, starting in duos with Bob Gorry and now, with the addition of Diane Buettner, this present trio from which he gains an enormous amount of energy.

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