Tune in to Gil's Facebook page NOW for the Inaugral 2024 Show! Gil Anthony's BLUES POWER TOP 30 for January 2024

BLUES POWER w/ Gil Anthony (2013 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Winner)
WDIG 1450AM, Dothan, AL: Sunday, 6-10pm CDT & Monday, 6-11pm CDT.
Listen live at:

First two hours both nights streamed live on Facebook at:

BLUES POWER TOP 30 (and a few more!) for January 2024
1: Coco Montoya, Writing on the Wall, Alligator
2: Tom Hambridge, Blu Ja Vu, Quatro Valley Rec
3: Dave Kellar, It's Time to Shine, Tastee Tone
4: Mike Zito/Albert Castiglia, Live in Canada, Gulf Coast
5: Marcel Smith, From My Soul, Little Village
6: Count Basie Orchestra, Swings the Blues, Candid
7: Johnny Rawls, Walking Heart Attack, Catfood Rec
8: Shaun Murphy, I'm Coming Home, Vision Wall
9: D.K. Harrell, The Right Man, Little Village
10: Joyann Parker, Roots, Hopeless Romantic Rec
11: Sandy Carroll, Love on It, Blue Heart
12: Jason Ricci, Behind the Veil, Gulf Coast
13: EG Kight, Sticks & Strings, Blue South
14: Christone Ingram, Live in London, Alligator
15: Joe Bonamassa, Blues Deluxe 2, J&R
16: Andre Bison, Latchford, Self
17: Bobby Rush, All My Love For You, Deep Rush
18: Christopher Dean Band, Need A Friend, LWM
19: The Dig 3, Damn the Rent, Self
20: Bob Margolin, Thanks, Vizztone
21: Peter Veteska, Full Tilt, Blue Heart
22: Walter Wolfman Washington, Feel So At Home, Tipitan
23: Dustin Arbuckle, Live at the Shamrock, Self
24: Sue Foley, Live in Austin Vol 1, Guitar Woman. Rec
25.Candice Ivory, When the Levee Breaks, Little Village
26: Catfish Keith, Wild Ox Moan, Fishtail Rec
27: Joanne Broh, Head Full of Trouble, Double Y Rec
28: Nate Myers, Yellow Peril, Easy Eye Sounds
29: Kevin Burt, Thanks You Brother Bill, Gulf Coast
30: Chris O'Leary, The Hard Line, Alligator

Also Playing: Patti Parks, 11 Guys Quartet, Jimmy & the Sleepers, Roger Wilson, Mizz Lowe, Mathias Lattin, Emma Wilson, Sunnysiders, Robert Finley, Robin Trower, Ghalia Volt, Heavy Drunk.

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