Maëla Raoult - La poupée de Machiavel

The artist, native from Brittany, offers a subtle blend of colors and captivating textures from Parisian studio, marked by a wonderful technical mastery, unique sensitivity, and an expression full of freedom.

In this new composition, we can distinguish soft and evocative sounds influenced by classical elements, with French impressionism harmonies firmly intertwined and surrounded by African djembes and percussions from the Middle East.

A refined and delicate painting infused with impressionism, mixed with the sound and riffs of acoustic and electric guitars, perpetually accompanied by a machiavelian rock drum set and African and Middle Eastern percussions.

Maëla offers a real demonstration of freedom, peace, and virtuosity with two long improvisations on the piano and the clarinet, creating an enchanting sound framed by a storm of percussive rhythms. These diverse influences blend to create a unique and eclectic atmosphere, offering the listener a journey to distant and mysterious lands. Her virtuoso playing, total freedom of expression, and the harmonious fusion of these different elements make her improvisations a unique and captivating auditory experience.

The apex of subtlety, a soft and tender ambiance where colors and intimate phrases intertwine, eternally surrounded by proud and dancing guitars, sharp percussions melt with melancholic and fascinating chords. Discover today "La poupée de Machiavel, " available on all digital platforms.

Maëla Raoult :

Born in Brest in 1990, Maëla began her musical journey at an early age. She is a talented musician with a strong background in clarinet performance and has achieved significant milestones in her career : Maëla's musical education started in her hometown at the Music Conservatory of Brest. This early training likely provided her with a solid foundation in music. She obtained her Musical Diploma in 2007. She continued her training in Paris under the guidance of Olivier Derbesse (Orchestre de Paris) at the Jacques Ibert Conservatory. She pursued her passion for orchestral music by earning a bachelor's degree as an orchestra musician from the CFMO, Orchestre Ostinato. Then she graduated with Distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the mentorship of Ronald van Spaendonck (Orchestre National de Belgique) in 2014.

In addition to her main instrument, Maëla studied the bass clarinet at the CRR of Paris, under the tutelage of Jean-Marc Volta (Orchestre National de France). She also had the privilege to participate to several master classes with french clarinetist such as Jacques Di Donato (CNSM Lyon) and Bruno Martinez (Opera de Paris).

She is the finalist or semi-finalist of many interpretation competitions : Concours Bellan, concours de clarinette en Picardie, Chieri International Competition, Concours Cahuzac, and received the Prix Gentiane Robin in 2005.

Chamber music holds a special place in Maëla's heart and she has performed in various formations at numerous events and festivals. Some notable appearances include the Origami Festival (Beursschouwburg, Brussels), Courant d'air Festival (Brussels), Préludes à l'orchestre de Paris (salle Pleyel), Festival Les Harmonies (Billiers), Concerts at The Campus International of Paris, and more. She has collaborated with renowned concertists such as Patrick Langot, Alina Piboule, Frédéric Lagarde, Carmen and Ana Mainer, Sulliman Alltmayer, and Ryo Kojima.

Maëla also had the chance to perform with orchestras as a soloist. She played Mozart concerto in 2006 with the orchestra of the CRR of Brest, Bencriscutto concerto in 2007 with Brest Harmony Orchestra and Artie Shaw Concerto with the Orchestre de la Sirène de Paris.

Maëla is actively involved in the contemporary repertoire and has participated in the creation of several contemporary compositions, including works by Sina Fallahzadeh (Tocatina), Michel Lysight (Heptagramme), Alex Nante (Umbrales), Suzanne Giraud (D'un vanneur de blé aux vents). She has performed with ensembles such as the ensemble Alternance, the ensemble Écoute, and the collectif Parallèle 21. In 2020, Maëla recorded her first contemporary album, "Reflections" for solo clarinet, featuring works by Michel Lysight, Sina Fallahzadeh, François Meïmoun, Igor Stravinsky, Jörg Widmann, Luciano Berio and Edison Denisov.

She has a solid experience as an orchestra musician, performing in various formations : the Ensemble entre Sable et ciel, conducted by Joël Doussard and Marc Schuster, the Ostinato Orchestra (conducted by Jean-Luc Tingaud, Inaki Encina, Anthony Hermus, Kaspar Zehnder, Vahan Mardirossian…), the Orchestre National de Lyon (Leonard Slatkin), the Paul Kuentz Orchestra, the Ensemble International Musike, conducted by Jean-Bernard Pommier, the Orchestre de Laureats du CNSMDP etc… She had the opportunity to play with distinguished soloists such as Ophélie Gaillard, Gilles Apap, Henri Demarquette. Maëla had the chance to play in prestigious concerthalls : Philarmonie de Paris, Opéra Comique, Auditorium Marcel Landowsky, Auditorium de Lyon, Salle Pleyel, Cité Universitaire de Paris, Ecuries Royales du Château de Versailles…

Curious about all musical worlds, Maëla studied improvisation and jazz with great Parisian jazz personalities, including Hervé Sellin, Patrick Cabon, Thomas Savy…

In addition to her performance career, Maëla has shared her expertise as a teacher. She has taught clarinet and chamber music at the conservatories of Houilles, Saint Leu La Forêt, Argenteuil, Taverny, and the Paris City Hall. She was part of the DEMOS project at the Philharmonie de Paris between 2016 and 2020.

Maëla was also assistant conductor of the Orchestre de la Sirene de Paris between 2014 and 2016. She then conducted the orchestras at the music school of Saint-Leu-La-Forêt and orchestra at college at various educational institutions (Taverny, Paris City Hall).

Maëla's diverse musical talents extend to sound engineering, music production, arrangement, and composition. She studied sound engineering (CIFAP, 40e rugissants, Studio Soyuz, HOFA College…) and is the director of Azkaban Records. She has produced, arranged, and composed her albums and singles "Avalon, " "Hypokrat, " "The Precious Impressions, " "Le Clan des Narcisses, " "Les Ménestrels, " and "The Hen House." Furthermore, she is the editor, composer and arranger of pedagogical books for young clarinetists : "The French Touch' Collection".

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