A Timeless Anthem of Awakening and Cultural Reverence

Colin Lillie, Australia's Americana and soul singer-songwriter, releases his new single and music video, "Grandfather's Country." This timeless song pays homage to Australia's indigenous roots and offers a profound connection to the earth. Transcending generations, this song celebrates cultural richness, fostering understanding and embracing indigenous history, and guiding us to find solace in our surroundings and reconnect with our homes, our families, and each other. Colin's lyrics and the depth of his voice reveal that his songs are fueled by a rich tapestry of life experiences, offering a genuine and authentic reflection in his music.

Co-written with Lachlan Bryan from Lachlan Bryan and The Wilds, and the band The Pleasures, Colin says, "We all live such crazy busy lives in today's modern world. This can cause us to feel pressure and sometimes make us feel disconnected from who we are. Yet it also reminds us we all need somewhere to rejuvenate our souls, and being a new Australian, I have been able to find that place here in Australia."
"Grandfather's Country" leads us to discover comfort in our surroundings, honoring creative expressions that acknowledge the distinct identity of Australia. "For some of my friends, it's the love of the ocean or the mountains; for some who grew up on cattle stations and farms, for them, it's going home to where they grew up, or it's the city where you can lose yourself. Yet mostly its family is to be with those who get you and offer you a place to just be you, adds Colin."
Navigating through a lifetime of challenges, joys, and self-exploration amidst life's tumult, Colin experienced a transformative renewal following a three-day disappearance in the Australian desert after battling drug and alcohol addictions. For Colin, he says, "Mine is the desert. I'm lucky that my wife is aboriginal, and when life is pushing hard on us, we head to her 'Grandfather's Country.' The red dirt, the stars, and the vast space give me a real feeling that we are only here for a short time, and being with my family is so important. It's something we all value in Australia, and I will always ensure that the generations to come will head to their grandfather's country to feel a sense of family and home so we can get on with living."
The track was produced by Catherine Britt, engineered by Bradley Bergen, and mixed by Shane Nicholson. It is part of a five-song EP, which Colin will include to create an album called Colin Lille: The Ragged Man. The music video was filmed by Jazmyn Productions in many locations, including the Red Centre of Australia, NSW Central Coast, and Newcastle, showing that we all come from somewhere, and it's where the heart lives and dies that we call home.
"Grandfather's Country" transcends beyond being a tribute song; it stands as an anthem of awakening. Its lyrics resonate, whether you're in a battle, embracing life, seeking your truth, expressing love, or navigating the spaces in between. Colin Lillie's complex story and background peel back different layers, unraveling the true testament to being one-of-a-kind.

About Colin Lillie

Colin Lillie is certainly one of a kind. This gypsy Scotsman has found a new life in Alice Springs, in the Australian central desert, where he has thrived as a songwriter. You don't have to delve very deeply into Colin's lyrics or the heart of his voice to know his songs are driven by someone who has all of the shades of life experience to lean into. This rang true with his 2017 and 2019 awards for Best Live Voice at the National Live Music Awards.
In 2016, Colin released his debut album 'Glass Homes' to critical acclaim and managed to take out the AU Review people's choice Australian Artist Of The Year award. In 2020, he released the Mark Lizotte (DIESEL)-produced 'Petrichor' EP. August 2021 saw the release of 'Shades Of Love', Colin's second studio album. This was recorded at Wild Mountain Studios with enigmatic producer Jamie Trevaskis (The Wilson Pickers), and together Colin and Jamie found a darker honesty in his performances than on any previous releases.
He released the EP 'THE…', produced by Australian Country star Catherine Britt and Colin Lillie.' The..' featured award-winning artist Shane Nicholson, with whom he had two critically acclaimed songs released: 'The War', followed by 'The Road', a duet with Catherine Britt.
Colin also enjoys co-writing with the likes of Rohin Jones (The Middle East), Tyrone Noonan (George), and Lachlan Bryan (Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes), to name a few.
Pre 2020 Colin was well on the way to becoming one of Australia's hardest touring artists, supporting the likes of DIESEL, BUSBY MAROU, JAMES REYNE, and THE ANIMALS on their relentless tour schedules and making friends everywhere he went. Colin also performed five shows at the 2019 Woodford Folk Festival and made it to New Orleans in 2020 as part of the Folk Alliance International Festival. So it's no surprise that 2022 saw him get right back into supporting Catherine on her Bush Pup tour, traveling throughout regional Australia and finishing with performances in April 2022 at his first Tamworth Country Music Festival. This was followed once again by being invited to perform at the prestigious Folk Alliance conference/showcase in Kansas City and then to the renowned Americana Fest conference/showcase in Nashville.
The new year has not stopped with a number of shows at this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival, with an electrifying performance at Americana in the Park in front of a crowd of over 5000 Aussie country fans.
This has seen Colin build his audience and head back into the studio with Catherine Britt once again to record new music for a second EP later in the year. 2023 has already seen Colin start the year with a number of tour dates across Australia, starting with a Small Halls tour of 16 shows in Western Australia. Then he embarked on a national solo tour of Australia, with dates in Hobart and Darwin. He also performed at this year's Port Fairy Festival and the National Celtic Festival, with him planning to head back to Nashville to perform as part of Sounds Australia at Americana Fest in September.
With dates already confirmed for Tamworth 2024 and a run of co-headline dates with Billie Jo Porter 2024, it is already looking busy for the up-and-coming Australian Americana artists. Lillie is already working on a third full studio album and is currently filming a 10-episode art series, which has already seen Colin interview a number of Australian creatives from the music, TV, art, and journalism worlds. He also released a track with fellow Australian singer-songwriter David Garnham and the Reason to Live in August this year.
Realizing Colin's increasing profile, he was offered and has accepted a sponsorship from Takamine Guitars.
And the world continues to discover Colin's songs and singing—something that's very evident from the number of uses of his songs recently in film and television. The track 'Hold On' is included in Adam, a Hollywood movie starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). 'Human Kind of Life' is on the BBC television show Wakefield. 'The Broken Crown', a song from Colin's EP 'He', was featured in a Steve King short film that was released in 2022, and in 2023, he also has songs and music in the forthcoming documentary Yimi Junga, which highlights the continual struggle of Aboriginal women and children in remote Australia. Not too bad at all!
So as Colin hits the road again, performing as much as possible, he continues to write as well as work with people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Colin visits rehab centers and uses his songs and life experience as a way to assist others.

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