Paul Niehaus IV - If I Stay Too Long

Missouri's Paul Niehaus IV will be releasing his blues-infused masterful new album "If I Stay Too Long" on November 17 via Blue Lotus Recordings. Listen to "If I Stay Too Long".

Paul Niehaus IV is a renowned and multi-talented musician whose artistry has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Born with a natural gift for melody and a penchant for exploration, Paul's musical journey began at an early age when he first picked up a guitar and discovered his passion for creating harmonious landscapes. With an insatiable curiosity and a dedication to honing his craft, he delved into various musical traditions, from blues and jazz to country and rock, amalgamating them into his own sonic tapestry.

Born and raised in the river city of St. Louis, Paul Niehaus IV describes himself as a "Curator of the St. Louis Sound". He studied music and folklore at Truman State University. He plays Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, and more. Paul has performed as a touring musician in 46 US states, plus Mexico, Canada, and a 5-month stint on a cruise ship. Paul has done Production work in permanent blues oriented music exhibits in three National museums: The National Blues Museum (St. Louis, MO), The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience (Meridian, MS), and the Museum of African American Music (Nashville, TN).

Paul got his first nomination for a Blues Music Award (Best Rock Blues Album) for an album he Produced for Jeremiah Johnson in 2020 called "Unemployed Highly Annoyed". A year later Paul got his first win for a Blues Music Award (Best Emerging Artist Album) for Dylan Triplett's "Who Is He?". 5 albums Paul has worked on have gotten Blues Blast Music Award nominations to date. After producing dozens of albums for other artists over the last 7 years, his debut album "If I Stay Too Long" is here. The album is an eclectic mixture of styles all filtered through his authentic take on the "Saint Louis Sound".

"This is a song about adventure and possibility. Musically it is inspired by The Who, where it feels like it's ready to fall off the tracks at any moment but the chaos maintains a rawkus control somehow. Vocally for this song I drew inspiration from David Bowie and Warren Zevon. The outro jam was an idea that came very late in the process, where I thought "the song feels so good, can we jam it out?" The dueling lead guitars are reminiscent of Allman Brothers dual lead guitar harmonies. I still do "chase the sun" by seeking out time in the sunlight every day. It's possible to, as I find it highly charging and healing. I also still seek thrills and adventure." - Paul Niehaus IV

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