PARADE from Charu Suri feat. John Patitucci-Brent Fischer and Joe Lastie debuts today!

After the classically-trained Indian-born pianist, Charu Suri, visited New Orleans four years ago, she fell in love with Preservation Hall Jazz Band and wanted to bring her heritage to jazz. Her style of "raga jazz" was born, and she has since released three albums. RAGS & RAGAS, recorded with John Patitucci, Joe Lastie from Preservation Hall and Steve Gadd on the drums (on the album that drops Sept. 8th) is her fourth.

Today, her sprightly single, PARADE, inspired by evening raga Bhupali, is live across all platforms, inspired by the rich traditions of New Orleans parades. It is arranged by Grammy -winning composer, Brent Fischer. The complete album releases Sept. 8th.

The album has started to receive stellar reviews!

All About Jazz has called the album: "Charu Suri's finest to date. Ink it in as one of the top jazz albums of the year."

ohn Patitucci, Bass
Joe Lastie (from Preservation Hall Jazz Band), Drums
Steve Gadd, Drums/ Percussion on Bhairavi Blues and Bourbon Street Stroll (Raga Hemant)
Kobi Arad, Piano solo on Raga Rag. No 1
Berta Moreno, Saxophone
Charlie Sabach, Oud
Charu Suri, Piano/ Composer
Mixing/Mastering, 3X Grammy Winner Lonnie Park
Produced by, Charu Suri, Kobi Arad, Brent Fischer, Devan Ekambaram
Artwork: Upasana Asrani

Perhaps the very first album to fuse Indian ragas and New Orleans-style jazz, RAGS & RAGAS is a symphony of unity. The album's harmonious melodic & vibrant rhythms borrow from Indian ragas -the numerous modal scales that are played at specific times of day. The morning, late morning, afternoon, evening and night ragas all transform into jazz pieces complemented by the resounding bass lines of John Patitucci, the pulsating beats of Joe Lastie and Steve Gadd, and the mellifluous saxophone of Berta Moreno as well as the Oud by Charlie Sabach (on two tracks). The music reaches out, forging a powerful connection that transcends boundaries.

RAGA RAG No. 1 (Electric version) debuted on August 18th from this album: a compelling and magnetic highlight track that features a brilliant bebop/makam-based solo by Israeli pianist Kobi Arad. An acoustic version of this track is part of the album on Sept. 8th.

PARADE dropped today, using the evening raga Bhupali (which is also known as Mohanam in South India).

With each note, "Rags and Ragas reaches out, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in the transformative power of music, celebrating the unifying language that binds us all. It will be submitted in the Alternative Jazz category at the 66th annual Grammy Awards.

Some noteworthy press:

Skope Magazine: "Literally revolutionizing music." - James Rae Jr.

All About Jazz: "We talk about the Latin tinge, here we have the Indian tinge on a terrific Indo-American jazz tune." - Dan McClenaghan

Contemporary Fusion Reviews: "A lot of times, when an artist or publicist states that the music is "perhaps the very first" of it's kind, it sets off an alarm in my head, but pianist Charu and her friends definitely give you the kind of truly unique fusion you've been yearning for all these years."- Dick Metcalf

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