9/19: Whaling City Sound reveals guitarist John Stein's "No Goodbyes"

Whaling City Sound is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of No Goodbyes by acclaimed guitarist John Stein. This remarkable album marks Stein's triumphant return to jazz after a two-year hiatus due to a rare autoimmune disease and a subsequent major medical crisis.

In 2021, just as live performances were making a comeback, John Stein faced an unexpected challenge that threatened to end his illustrious career. Diagnosed with a serious illness, he was uncertain whether he would ever play again. However, Stein's indomitable spirit and deep love for music drove him to overcome this setback.

Following months of hospitalization and a year of gradual recovery, Stein emerged strong and more determined than ever. Eager to embrace life and music again, he gathered his musical companions, bassist Ed Lucie and drummer Mike Connors, and headed back into the studio. The result is the stunning album No Goodbyes.

The album features a collaboration with vocalist and lyricist Cindy Scott on five tracks. Stein and his ensemble, including Lucie and Connors, deliver a collection of bossa novas, ballads, and blues that showcase Stein's signature warm tones and elegant touch. The trio's chemistry is palpable, creating a captivating musical synergy. Cindy Scott's lyrics and vocal performance transform Stein's jazz compositions into evocative and moving songs.

Stein's journey through Brazilian music, beginning with the 1964 Grammy-winning Getz/Gilberto album, has influenced his style. The album's buoyant interpretations of classics like Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Triste" and the reharmonized minor blues "Courage" highlight his affinity for Brazilian rhythms and melodies.

John's album notes eloquently capture the profound significance behind the delayed recording of the album, the intricate dynamics of the trio, and the fortuitous collaboration with Cindy Scott. The CD was recorded at Bongo Beach Productions in Westport, MA, where accomplished engineer John Mailloux masterfully captured and preserved every subtle nuance.

Driven by John Stein's resilience, musical devotion, and collaborative prowess, No Goodbyes becomes a potent celebration of life's victories, echoing the enduring impact of creativity and passion. As Bill Milkowski, noted music journalist and author, aptly states, "That Stein can play at all is a miracle. That he has returned and is now playing at this high level, with such finesse and soul, is a testament to his enduring willpower and immense heart."

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