Phillip Johnston in New York City on June 1 & 2

Phillip Johnston will be performing on Friday June 2nd at 8PM at Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The band will be The Richard Dworkin Orchestra, featuring Dave Sewelson (bari sax), Joe Ruddick (piano), Dave Hofstra (bass), Richard Dworkin (drums) and Phillip Johnston (alto sax).

This is a wonderful group of musicians drawn from bands they have played in together over the years, such as The Microscopic Septet, Big Trouble, The Daves, The Transparent Quartet, BQE, Sewelsonics and Fast N Bulbous.

It will be an old school jazz session, playing mostly original tunes and a few selected covers. It will be a fun night for old friends: hope to see you there – and be sure to book early as the Barbès space is not that large.

Johnston will also be doing a book launch the night before (Thursday June 1st at 6PM), also at Barbès. No charge.

This event will fête the paperback release of his book Silent Films/Loud Music: New Ways of Listening to and Thinking about Silent Film Music (Bloomsbury); this book was released in hardcover at the height of the pandemic, but with the paperback release a couple of months ago, this is Johnston's first opportunity to do an event in New York, to see friends, and celebrate the release of the book.

The book will be launched by ace film/TV composer and creative musician Pat Irwin, and the event will feature a short presentation featuring a few riffs from the book, some film clips and possibly a short live performance with film.
Also, silent film trivia and pub games. Books and CDs will be available for sale.

If you are interested in this topic, and can't make it to the launch, Australian ABC Radio National's The Music Show did a feature on the book and Johnston's silent film music recently. You can listen to it on demand here:

Or you can order the book here:

Johnston will also be recording an episode of WNYC-FM's podcast Sound Check with John Schaefer, which will be aired at a later date. Look out for it, it will include a unique live performance of some of his silent film music compositions., with Dave Hofstra (bass) and Neal Kirkwood (piano), as well as some discussion of the book.

And keep an eye out for the forthcoming release of Johnston's Australian 8-piece mini-repertory orchestra, The Greasy Chicken Orchestra's I Cakewalked With A Zombie on Earshift Music!
Here is the link to the first single on Spotify:

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