Available Today Portuguese-American Singer-Songwriter Ramana Vieira - 'Tudo de Mim (All of Me)'


One of the world's premiere singers of Fado, Ramana Vieira is showcased on Tudo De Mim, a set of her originals and traditional songs.

Performing exhilarating interpretations that at various times are romantic, assertive, tender and powerful,
Ramana Vieira revitalizes the beloved Portuguese music with her enthusiasm, creative approach, and beautiful voice.



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Release Date: May 1, 2023

Label: Self Produced

Catalog Number: SO91168596

UPC Code: 195269227555

Produced by Ramana Vieira. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Denis Taniguchi.

Recorded at (SAE) Expression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA.

Photo credit: Daisy Rose Coby with Memento Moda Photography


1. Tudo De Mim (5:34) by Ramana Vieira, Portuguese translation by Joana Cabo

2. E Pecado (3:28) by Guilherme Pereira and Frederico Valério

3. Fado La La La (4:58) by Ramana Vieira

4. Mother Mary (3:55) by Ramana Vieira

5. Jacaranda (4:13 ) by Ramana Vieira

6. Trago Fado Nos Sentidos (3:45) by Amalia Rodrigues and Jose Rocha

7. Please Love Me Forever (2:45) by John Malone and Ollie Blanchard

8. Lambada (3:13) by Ulises Hermosa, Alberto Maravi, Marcia Ferreira, Jose Ari, and Gonzalo Hermosa

9. Verdes Anos (3:49) by Carlos Paredes and Charlie Haden

10. Fado La La La (5:13) (Piano version) by Ramana Vieira

MUSICIANS: Ramana Vieira - piano, backing vocals and strings by Ramana Vieira (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10), David Parker - bass (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8), arranged, and co-produced, backing vocals, drums, bass and keys (track 5), Jeff Furtado - guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8), guitarra, lead vocals (track 8), Earl Jackson - percussion and drums (tracks 1, 2, 3, 8), José Luis Iglesias - guitarra (track 6), John Clark - bass (track 6).

Fado (which means destiny or fate) dates back to at least the 1820s and is the music of Portugal. Its emotional ballads and poetic lyrics serve as a release for those going through difficult times, serving a similar purpose in Portugal as the blues in America.

Ramana Vieira, who is actually not from Portugal (she hails from Northern California) but is of Portuguese descent, is one of the main pacesetters of modern Fado of the past 20 years. Tudo De Mim—All Of Me is her sixth recording as a leader and it features her at the peak of her creative and emotional powers.

Ms. Vieira sings and plays piano throughout the set. She is joined on various selections by bassist-arranger David Parker, guitarist Jeff Furtado (doubling on the 12-string guitarra and contributing vocals on "Lambada"), and Earl Jackson on percussion and drums. On "Trago Fado Nos Sentidos, " the singer has the accompaniment of José Luis Iglesias on guitarra and bassist John Clark. The engineer was Denis Taniguchi fresh out of engineering school called SAE in Emeryville. He's from Brazil with Japanese heritage.

While Ramana Vieira sings in Portuguese, the emotional intensity of her interpretations and the variety of moods that she expresses overcome any language barriers, whether it is on the title cut (which becomes increasingly assertive as it progresses), the romantic and infectious "E Pecado, " the celebratory "Fado La La La" (heard twice including as a solo showcase) or the haunting "Trago Fado Nos Sentidos."

Ramana Vieira was born in San Leandro, California which is near San Francisco. While she grew up listening to the pop music of the day, she was always aware of her family's roots in Portugal where her grandfather had been a top musician and composer and where her parents lived before she was born. She studied performing arts at the American Conservatory Theater but the turning point in her life occurred when she was 16. During her first visit to Portugal, she discovered and fell in love with Fado, and her musical path became clear. While still overseas, she performed her new-found music before audiences and even at that early stage received a very positive reaction.

In 2000 Ramana Vieira recorded her first album, Sem Ti (Without You), following it up in 2004 with Despi a Alma (I Undressed My Soul). "Para Amar" a collaboration with Christopher Hedges and the Magnetic Poets, with the song, "Unido Para Amar (United in Love)" off the album, Lagrimas De Rainha (Tears of a Queen) was used as part of a video montage for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Her other albums, Fado da Vida (from 2015) and 2017's Lágrimas de Rainha proved to be quite popular and set the standard for modern Fado. Highlights of her career include headlining the Encontro Festival in Macau, China in 2010, performing at the New Bedford, Massachusetts' Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament (the world's largest Portuguese festival), singing at New York's City Winery, and being nominated several times at the International Portuguese Music Awards.

Ramana Vieira's passion for Fado music, and her ability to modernize it while respecting its traditions, can be heard throughout the memorable Tudo De Mim.

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