KermesZ l'Est Octophilia

Following up on their previous LP and a collaborative project composed with La Jungle, belgian band KermesZ l'Est announces the release of their new album Octophilia on April 28, 2023.

KermesZ l'Est is a Belgian music group that has been touring internationally since 2008. Located at the unique confluence of jazz, metal and Eastern European traditions, KermesZ l'Est have developed their own, disctintive musical identity.

Following up on their previous LP (RDS-202, 2020) and Junkz (a collaborative project composed with La Jungle and released in February 2023), the band recently returned to the studio to record Octophilia, a new album of long-format pieces that expands its influences to the Caucasus and Baroque music, while also absorbing elements of math rock and poetry.

It also features some festive and surprising numbers that combine punk energy and Balkan intoxication, obscure beats and electro trance.

Once more, Kermesz delivers an extraordinary, supercharged mashup that explodes styles and norms for a festive and devilishly dynamic musical experience.

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