Denise Thimes Appearing at Feinstein's at Hotel Carmichael Carmel, IN Sat, Feb 18, 2023, 7:00 PM

With one of the most beautiful voices in jazz, a compelling stage presence, and funny, smart and engaging stories, Denise Thimes is thrilled to be making her Feinstein's Carmel debut.

Splitting her time these days between St. Louis and Chicago, Denise has ascended to the top of the jazz food chain in both cities - cities with long and storied jazz traditions.

"A week ago, St. Louis singer Denise Thimes moved to Chicago. So as of Friday night, she could be considered one of this city's more commanding jazz vocalists." -Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"Now that the native St. Louis performer has decided to make Chicago her home, and almost immediately––before becoming totally settled––she showed why the Chicago jazz crowd has embraced her so fully…at Winter's Jazz Club, Thimes relied on her commanding voice, engaging stage presence and her rapport with the audience to signal a new chapter in her life, one that already is catapulting her to the top ranks among noted jazz singers." Walter Leavy, The Celebrity Front Page

Whether headlining at Dizzy's at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, Winter's in Chicago, Jazz at The Bistro or Blue Strawberry in St. Louis, Denise Thimes captivates her audience. Backed by an all-star band. Hello Feinstein's Carmel! Can't Wait!

Doors 5:30 | Showtime 7:30

$25 Food & Beverage Minimum

21 & Over

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