The pianist & composer Alberto Forino will release his debut album Tiny Toys on February, 17th 2023 with GleAM Records

GleAM Records is proud to announce the release of Tiny Toys, the first album by the leader of the Italian pianist & composer Alberto Forino, available on CD and digital download/streaming from 17 February 2023 and distributed by IRD International and Believe Digital.

Tiny Toys is an album in which syntactic and structural research dominates the sound material looking for new forms of interaction in the piano trio and a new hierarchy of relationships between the minimal elements of the melodic and improvisational construction. A different way of understanding freedom within new parameters of sound organization and musical cells. In this lies his relationship with the game, symbolically represented by the small three-dimensional wooden toys photographed on the cover. A symbology of the game, with and of the 12 notes of the musical scale. The tracks of the album are built to play on sequences and combinations of these twelve sounds. The shape and material of toys is deliberately without a specific temporal or spatial connotation. The fact that they are three-dimensional also allows you to observe and see them from many different angles, such as an abstract sculpture. Like the latter, everyone can read their own interp retation, imagine a meaning.

Alberto Forino - piano

Giulio Corini doublebass

Filippo Sala drums

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