C'mon Tigre | Twist into any shape

C'mon Tigre justwon the best music video award at the London International Animation Festival 2022, against The Smile, Fleet Foxes, Gorillaz, Animal Collective, Mogwai among others.Watch now the video for "Twist Into Any Shape", a song taken from"Scenario", their latest album that was released on vinyl onSeptember 16, 2022.

'Twist into any shape' was the first single track that anticipated the release of "Scenario", C'mon Tigre's third album that was released earlier this year. It is an exhortation to change, to turn into any form or substance that makes you feel better, happier: "Twist yourself into any shape you like to be". Encouraged by a collective hand clapping, the track mixes Nigerian and Sub Saharan melodies with North European electronic productions. A cocktail of distant musical influences, a tribute inspired by the imaginary encounter between Fela Kuti and Caribou: guitars, horn sections, sampled voices and a straight bass drum.

The focus to the visual aspect that has characterized each C'mon Tigre's release is further confirmed by the animation video of the song directed by Donato Sansone. A trash web collage, a flow of surreal transformations, dozens of bodies and objects mix together becoming something else, one single long dance, new ethnic groups, new shapes. Absurd and grotesque.

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