DUPLEX - debut single 'Magic House'

Magic House is the debut single by DUPLEX, a band led by two renowned musicians of the Belgian scene, Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) and Damien Chierici (violin). Taken from the forthcoming album Maelstrom; a dreamy and surreal musical travel diary, sprinkled with world music, electro-pop and cinematic atmospheres.

Magic House is "set in Saint-Malo, Bar de l'Univers, one winter's eve… Surrounded by old maps, yellowed photos and sailors' mementos, Didier & Damien – carried away by a few rhums arrangés and the smoke plumes of Havana cigars – evoke their past journeys and dream of new ones…"


2nd single 'WAPTA FALLS' 16th December 2022

3rd single 'VERA' 6th January 2023

Album 'Maelstrom' 27th January 2023

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