Muse Maya & Tino Kamal - 1UP

MUSE MAYA is a rising star in the Brazilian underground music scene. Her musical universe embraces R&B, soul, rap and especially pop, with a variety of styles, inventive partnerships and a great desire to innovate. The singer lays bare her private universe, knowing the authentic power she carries as a black woman living in Brazil.

After her successful partnership with Brazilian hip hop star BACO EXU DO BLUES, her new single is a collaboration with British artist TINO KAMAL. The empowered sensuality of the carioca meets the strength of the London music scene. TINO, one of the great bets of the creative scene in the English capital, was discovered by legendary photographer Nick Knight, responsible for numerous projects with artists such as Lady Gaga, FKA Twigs. The West London rapper is revolutionizing the industry, bringing new artistic concepts where he mixes a heavy dose of testosterone with questions about gender and his place in the LGBTQI+ community.

In 1UP Muse sings about the possibility of women being able to talk about their own desires in a direct and confident way without being judged. Her intention is to deconstruct the male predominance in approaching certain themes and normalize women's speech about sex, without stigmatization.

On September 11th, Women's Day, in which several Rock in Rio stages will receive only female artists, we will have Muse Maya on the Supernova Stage.

Muse Maya & Tino Kamal - 1Up
UPC: 5059801470104
Release date: 26/08/2022
Genre: Pop
Language: Portugues/English
Distributor: Horus Music Brasil

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