Guitarist Mike Clement Releases "Unfinished Business" - Guitar, Organ, Drums on August 19th

Mike Clement is sought after for his brazen, exuberant sound and impassioned improvisations. The emerging talented guitarist is poised to launch his debut album: Unfinished Business (Independent) on August 19th, 2022.

Clement's soulful, brazen bebop style is complimented by legendary New Orleans drum master Shannon Powell and organist virtuoso Joe Ashlar. Unfinished Business reimagines the classic sound of the 60's jazz organ trio into catchy, feel-good originals and flavorful renditions of swingin' standards.
MIKE CLEMENT/Unfinished Business: Chef Paul used to take high umbrage when someone would tell him if it didn't burn your tongue it wasn't Cajun. Same applies here. This Nawlins guitarist goes retro without nostalgia to serve up a revisited 60s jazz organ trio date that's plenty hot without burning your tongue. Tasty, swinging and grooving, this is a killer feel good record that doesn't need anymore spice.

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Upcoming performances:
08/05 - Frankie's Jazz Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
09/03 - Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans, LA
09/16 - Midnight Revue, New Orleans, LA
09/20 - Saturn Bar, New Orleans, LA

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