NYC Drummer Graham Doby Releases "Weathered Crown" on August 10th!

Graham Doby is a NYC-based drummer and composer. His sound has been described as "tremendously agile, " with poly-rhythmic jazz fluidity grounded in funk and rock four-on-the-floor groove sensibility. Doby has shared the stage with The Impressions, George Clinton, Trombone Shorty, Thank You Scientist, and Antibalas. A drummer for over 20 years, Doby has cultivated his own diverse creative community that shares resources and networks in addition to talents and styles.

Doby's new album Weathered Crown features a changing cast of musicians/ composers and arrangers. Guitarist Mike Moreno plays as a special guest on two tracks. Doby produced the album.

The album opens with Doby's arrangement of "Lonely Woman, " the avant-garde original by Ornette Coleman. An a capella choral piece (arranged as an instrumental by Dylan Kaminkow (bass)) and up-tempo swing original by John Lander (piano) follow. These opening jazz tracks give way to a three-movement experimental and multi-genre through-composition inspired by a short story written by Doby. The album concludes with an irreverently funk original featuring vocals that devolves into a jazz hullaballoo.

Weathered Crown is emblematic of the new generation ushering jazz into the contemporary era. Featuring musicians who play live for a living, the album's various genres reflect the well-rounded flexibility of gigging musicians and the recording sessions were filmed so listeners can feel as though they are present at a performance. Conceived in days and recorded in two succinct sessions, the album captures a moment in time of an emerging musical vanguard.

LONELY WOMAN, feat. Mike Moreno (Ornette Coleman) : 10:36


DO ME A FAVOR, feat. Mike Moreno (John Lander) : 7:05

POUGHKEEPSIE NIGHT i (Graham Doby/John Lander/Sam Smith) : 4:04

POUGHKEEPSIE NIGHT ii (Graham Doby/John Lander/Sam Smith) : 6:36

POUGHKEEPSIE NIGHT iii (Graham Doby/John Lander/Sam Smith). 7:17

HOT GARBAGE (Graham Doby/Diego Cebollero/Dylan Kaminkow/John Lander/lyrics by Zaí XP) : 9:15


JOHN LANDER piano (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6); synth (tracks 4, 5, 6); Wurlitzer (track 7)

DYLAN KAMINKOW upright bass (tracks 1, 2, 3, ); electric bass (track 7)

KRISTIAN BAARSVIK tenor saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 3)

MIKE MORENO guitar (tracks 1, 3)

SAM SMITH electric bass (tracks 4, 5, 6)

CHRISTIAN DeMARCO guitar (track 7)

GABE RICHARDS tenor saxophone (track 7)

JOEY LAMB trumpet (track 7)

Zaí XP vocals (track 7)

Videos filmed and edited by Yellow Heart Media

Tracks 1-6 recorded at Eastside Sound (NYC)

Track 7 recorded at Figure 8 Recording (Brooklyn)

Cover artwork by Johnathon Smith; additional artwork by Hannah Rose Berry, Alana Costello, and Johnathon Smith

Mixed by John Davis

Mastered by Alex DeTurk

Produced by Graham Doby

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