Produced by Jae Sinnett and Liz Terrell - It's Alright With Me (Westmont Records)

Liz Terrell

It's Alright With Me
Label: Westmont Records
Street Date: February 22, 2022

Respected broadcaster, drummer, and co-producer on the album Jae Sinnett illustrates, "Liz Terrell's new record reflects her amazing vocal versatility, range, tone, and variation. Her intonation is impeccable. She sings with beautiful articulation, a swinging pulse, and smart interval spacing, which creates on-point melodic movement. The choice of material is a perfect match for her style, voice, and the conceptual approaches of the musicians. The songs present interesting and unique challenges for a vocalist and are played superbly by her very capable sidemen. Liz maneuvers through these complex harmonic and rhythmic structures effortlessly. This record will introduce her to a larger audience, and they will welcome her. A masterful vocal and instrumental work."

Vibraphonist Joe Locke furthers, "Liz Terrell - Her sound pulls you in, and her beautiful phrasing and impeccable taste keeps you there. In addition, the beautifully conceived and arranged repertoire here makes this a stunning debut from a gifted artist. In my opinion, she belongs on the very short list of the best singers currently on the scene. Don't miss this one if you can help it."

The room is illuminated with misty candlelight. You sip something cool in a frosted glass. A rich, sultry voice begins to fill the room: Liz Terrell has taken the stage. Known for her powerhouse vocals and captivating yet subtle stage presence, Terrell swings intuitively and sings with incredible vocal dexterity.

Over the past decade, Terrell's musical career has navigated through the performance spectrum, ranging from musical theater and cabaret to touring Europe in a gospel ensemble. After many years of exploration, she found herself firmly planted in jazz. It's All Right With Me is Terrell's debut album as a leader and is filled with highlights of the last five years of her study as a jazz vocalist.

Liz Terrell performs regularly as a part of bass/voice jazz duo Liz & Brydge and with members of the incredible band featured on the album.

It's All Right With Me signals the introduction of powerhouse vocalist Liz Terrell. Her soulful, swinging vocal style offers a wide range of beautiful dulcet tones filled with rich and sultry beauty. With this thoughtfully crafted collection of timeless songs, Terrell captures a profoundly intuitive and accessible sound with a subtle and instinctive sense of swing - keeping the listener's attention from start to finish. Liz Terrell's rich and melodic vocals soar over the music as she deftly navigates the energetic arrangements and swings through the standards with precision. The band is equally as spirited as each note feels perfectly placed yet somehow completely fresh and spontaneous.

Terrell explains, "It was important to me to capture the whole band together in the studio, and I think you can hear that in the energy and the movement of each take. Everyone builds together, plays off of each other, and picks up lines and solos where the other left off. Each take is exactly what you would hear if this group were live on the stage."
"People Make The World Go Round" kicks off the album. This classic tune, originally made famous by The Stylistics in 1972, builds with incredible vigor and energy. The title track "It's All Right With Me" and "Night and Day" allow Terrell to show her standards chops with the indelible Cole Porter tunes that sparkle with creativity and lushness. Terrell's instrument is filled with warming sonorities. Her phrasing is original and captivating.

A jazz album isn't complete without the blues, and Terrell wisely chose Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" to adorn the hallows of her album. Equally, a contemporary flavor is highlighted with Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time." Not often covered, a Cy Coleman/Joseph McCarthy tune, "I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life, " is given a sensuous mid-tempo feel. Terrell draws every drop of emotion from the lyrics.

Terrell pays tribute to Fats Waller with a medley of standards sung with maturity, humor, and just a touch of sex appeal. Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue" features Terrell with pianist Daniel Clarke. The simplicity of the presentation highlights the lyrics, and she expertly balances her vocals between heart-wrenching and poised subtlety.

A modernistic approach can be found with Steve Kuhn's composition "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers." Alternatively, a swinging good time can be had with the Ellington/Russell tune "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."

Before you know it, an hour has passed, and as the gentle fade of Burt Bacharach/Hal David's "What the World Needs Now" floats off into the distance, you'll find yourself starting the album all over again.

It's All Right With Me solidifies Liz Terrell as an artist to keep your eyes and ears on. Furthermore, vocalist Jane Monheit says, "I've known Liz for some time now and can honestly say she is one of the most promising new singers on the scene; her instrument is an absolutely gorgeous, lush alto, and her musicianship is top-notch. A true beauty of a vocalist and a person."

1 - People Make The World Go Round (5:02)
2 - It's All Right With Me (6:10)
3 - Night and Day (4:35)
4 - Blue Monk (6:23)
5 - Time After Time (4:23)
6 - I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life (3:37)
7 - Fats Waller Medley (11:47)
Song 1: Ain't Misbehavin
Song 2: The Jitterbug Waltz
Song 3: Honeysuckle Rose
8 - Almost Blue (4:10)
9 - The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers (6:49)
10 - Don't Get Around Much Anymore (2:41)
11 - What The World Needs Now (7:30)

Vocals: Liz Terrell
Piano: Daniel Clarke
Bass: Chris Brydge
Drums: Emre Kartari (pronunciation: Em-ray Car-tar-ee)
Guitar: Alan Parker
Saxophone: Eddie Williams
Co-Produced by Jae Sinnett and Liz Terrell

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