Charlotte Greve | Sediments We Move

German-born, Brooklyn based composer Charlotte Greve is releasing today her debut solo album "Sediments We Move" via New Amsterdam & figureight records

New Amsterdam (Bryce Dessner, Deerhoof, Olga Bell) and Shahzad Ismaily's figureight records (Randall Dunn, Bernice, JFDR) are releasing today Sediments We Move, the new seven-part album from German-born, Brooklyn-based composer, singer, and saxophonist Charlotte Greve. The winner of two ECHO Jazz Prizes (the German equivalent of a GRAMMY), Greve has been hailed the "Best of Bandcamp" for her nebulous sound—one that flows freely between choral music, rock, noise, free jazz, metal, ambient, and bombastic 80s-inspired pop. On Sediments We Move, her debut album under her own name, Greve, backed by her band, Wood River, and Berlin choir Cantus Domus, invites listeners into a world where disparate sounds weave together like twine, melding into one beautiful, cohesive flow.

Though Greve is a graduate of Jazz Institute Berlin and New York University Steinhardt, the composer frequently abandoned academic form during the creative process. Waves of inspiration overcame Greve, who then recorded her ideas on a whim—singing and talking and clapping into her phone. "I would describe this work as an image of myself, turned inside out, completely vulnerable and bare, out in the open, " says Charlotte Greve. "All my influences are here, interwoven together unapologetically. This is a genre-fluid piece. Listeners are invited to open their ears, to hear assorted sounds uniting, to conceive Sediments We Move as one."

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