The Regions A Tribute to Ron Miller Drops September 15th

The Regions are a new group formed by old friends, and University of Miami jazz alumni, from years ago who reunited during the pandemic lockdown. After recording a few songs together, and excited with the results, the group decided to record a tribute to Ron Miller, Professor Emeritus of Jazz Studies at the University of Miami, featuring his original compositions in a new reimagined format. The recording also includes "Miller Road", an original composition by Jon Gilutin, written as a tribute to Ron.

The Regions are made up of core members Steve Rucker, Jon Gilutin, Steve Watson and Jeff Carswell, along with John Lovell and David Fernandez. Also featured are Murph Aucamp, Wendy Pedersen, Brian Potts, John Daversa and Gary Keller. Take a listen to these exciting new arrangements and experience the musicianship, creativity, groove and expression that is… The Regions!

"Here we have a most interesting group of talented and creative musicians, collaborating and conjuring some of the early serene musical landscaping of groups and artists like . . Weather Report's "Orange Lady" on their composition 'Halcyon Days' . . to shades of the exquisite CTI sound on "Seventh Sign". Jimmy Haslip Grammy award winning bassist /producer and founding member of The Yellowjackets. 6/23/21

"Kudos to all involved in this soulful, loving treatment of Ronnie Miller's good old tunes (some may be newer, I'm uninformed). Special mention here goes to my fellow Vince-ite Jon Gilutin who sounds great throughout; the rhythm section of Jeff and Steve R are grooving and partying like it's 1979, and my old Foster Building and beyond partner Steve Watson gets some very nice angular, wide interval-leaping solos in, so much so that he broke a string on the last, live-from-the '70s ripping solo (although my cloth ears couldn't tell the string broke). Nice job, men." Bruce Hornsby 6/7/21

"The Regions are friends and world-class musicians that have joined forces to record an amazing tribute to the iconic jazz composer Ron Miller. As a Professor Emeritus of Jazz Studies at the University of Miami, Ron has influenced countless musicians worldwide. His compositions have been recorded by many leading artists. This music is a testament to the innovative compositional stylings and timeless nature of Ron's music. Thanks to all for bringing this project to life and for honoring one of the great composers of our time." Mark Egan April 19, 2021

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