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"The Klezmatics aren't just the best band in the klezmer vanguard;
on a good night, they can rank among
the greatest bands on the planet."
Time Out New York

Matt Darriau: Alto Sax / Clarinet / Kaval
Frank London: Trumpet / Keys
Paul Morrissett: Bass / Tsimbl Cimbalom
Lorin Sklamberg: Vocals / Accordion / Piano
Lisa Gutkin: Violin / Vocals
David Licht or Richie Barshay: Drums

Since their emergence more than 30 years ago, the Klezmatics have have performed in more than 20 countries and released
11 albums to date, winning a Grammy in 2006.

They have raised the bar for Eastern European Jewish music, made aesthetically, politically and musically interesting recordings, inspired future generations, created a large body of work that is enduring, and helped to change the face of contemporary Yiddish culture.
Often called a "Jewish roots band, " the Klezmatics have
led a popular revival of this ages-old art form.

On their Grammy-winning 2006 album Wonder Wheel, the Klezmatics set a dozen previously unsung Woody Guthrie lyrics to music, widening their stylistic base by largely diverging from klezmer.

During their third-of-a-century existence the Klezmatics have collaborated with brilliant artists - violinist Itzhak Perlman, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner and Israeli vocal icon Chava Alberstein - among the many other prominent artists
working in multiple genres.

The Klezmatics' music is rooted in, but is not a strictly traditional variety of, the klezmer genre. Rather it is a comfortable hybrid that appeals equally to those with no previous exposure to the music
and those already and joyously familiar with it.

The Klezmatics are the subject of the feature-length documentary film,
On Holy Ground:

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