Peter Sprague’s Rendezvous In Realtime live in concert

Peter Sprague's Rendezvous In Realtime
live in concert
8/1/2021 at 7:30pm PDT
SpragueLand Studio
Encinitas, CA 92024 U.S.A

Guitarist Peter Sprague leads this unique group featuring Bridget Dolkas on violin, Lars Hoefs on cello, Duncan Moore on percussion, and Sprague on the twin neck guitar. The sound is jazz chamber music with leanings towards the samba, flamenco, swing, and celtic. Their "Samba Andaluza" CD was nominated for Best Jazz Recording in the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. For this concert they'll be presenting the world premier of Peter's new composition "Rendezvous in Realtime, " a three movement piece commissioned by Chamber Music of America's 2018 New Jazz Works grant in association with the Doris Duke Foundation.

Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Lars Hoefs — cello
Duncan Moore — percussion and vibes

Note from Peter:

We're meeting up at the Encinitas Library for an in person concert! Great to be back!

It's a dream for some of us composers to have built in bucks and an open calendar to create a new extended work. It doesn't happen that often but that very magic scenario landed into my world back in 2018. I applied for the Chamber Music America New Jazz Works grant and apparently they liked my musical samples and the next thing I knew was I clearing up my calendar and making way for some concentrated composing exploration.

What emerged after a month of isolation was a three movement piece called "Rendezvous In Realtime."

Back in the late 60's Richard Alpert, also known as Ram Dass, was living his truth and documenting his findings in his book "Be Here, Now." The title kind of says it all. "My Rendezvous in Realtime" takes cues from Ram Dass and attempts to take the listener on a journey from the state of mind that Everything Is Music, past the barrier in which we are Coded By Culture, and into the bliss state where we have the freedom to dance like Tom O'Shea.

In addition to the previous mentioned three movements we'll also add in a few songs from our "Samba Andaluza"recording.

Can't wait and hope you can tune in!

Notes about the livestream:

Price of admission? Actually the concert is free but we will have a "virtual tip jar" complete with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo info for you to donate whatever you feel good about.

(It'll show up as Satyam Music, that's my music company)
Venmo: @PeterSprague
Zelle: Peter Sprague

You don't have to watch the show live. The same YouTube link will bring up the recording for you to view anytime.

If you do watch it live (and we recommend this), you can participate in the live chat during the concert as long as you have a YouTube account.

Click here to watch a vid, leading you through the easy process of creating a YouTube account. Maybe do this before the concert begins.

If you do have an account and you're logged in, you can type something fun into the chat box and that's how we create modern day jazz community in this era of the pandemic. Maybe start with something simple like "Hi, this is Lisa from Wyoming" or "Hi, I'm Reggie from Portland." By doing this we've got an app that will magically take your name and location and drop a pin on a spinning globe. During the show we'll visit all of the listeners and say hi and marvel at your exotic places of residence. No worries about privacy…How many Lisa's are in the entire state of Wyoming? Or "Reggie's in Portland, Maine?

See you in the great algorithm of the sky!

best, Peter

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