Jeweler | Don't Cry For Me

Minneapolis, MN quintet Jeweler is releasing today new music video for single "Don't Cry For Me". The track is taken from their debut album "Tiny Circles" freshly released on all digital platforms worldwide.

On their debut LP released on June 11 2021, Minneapolis, MN quintet Jeweler mine the iconic sonic palettes of lush U.K. shoegaze, melodic noise-pop, and expansive, psych-tinged art rock to build a melodic vocabulary both uniquely their own and eminently engaging. Growing out of the bedroom studio project of Michael Voller, the group has expanded to include Sylvia Jennings (vocals and keyboard), Dillon Marchus (bass), Sean Levine (lead guitar), and Lars Oslund (drums). A bold first statement, Voller gave himself over fully to the creation of Tiny Circles. Together with his bandmates, they have crafted a record of profound breadth and nuance, arresting and fully wrought.

Voller grew up immersed in music, playing and writing from an early age. Yet he was also drawn to the sciences, and in college he studied Aerospace Engineering (Voller is, in fact, a rocket scientist). He formed a band in his limited spare time, and they cut a record.

They are releasing today a music video for single 'Don't Cry For Me'. Made by their friend Blue Banana Lab, the animation has a sense of fun and humor. "At first glance" Michael explains, "the story doesn't seem to make much sense but all of the visuals tie in quite nicely with the themes explored on our album. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

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