Matt Panayides' Field Theory Performs at ShapeShifter Lab Sunday 7/18 from 7-8pm

Created in 2018 by guitarist MATT PANAYIDES inspired by sound experiments with multi-instrumentalist MATT VASHLISHAN, FIELD THEORY invites the listener in with music that is at once familiar yet largely unexpected, with pops of contrasting colors that weave together images of sound that tell stories not unlike a great abstract painting. Rounding out the band are RICH PERRY on tenor, ROBERT SABIN on bass, and ALEX RITZ on drums.The music is complex and modern yet exciting and accessible. The contrast between the electric guitar and wind synth with the upright bass and tenor sax creates rich textures, as the band navigates tightly structured arrangements with dissonant harmonizations containing ample space for improvisation.

Rich Perry-tenor sax
Matt Vashlishan-wind synth
Robert Sabin-bass
Alex Ritz-drums

"Jazz that defies description...His quintet is full of ideas, ones that escort you into a neighborhood where all of the houses look just a tad different than normal..."
-The Vinyl Anachronist

"The entirety of Field Theory is a marvelous foray into musical and tonal expansion. The bent notes, the tight arrangements, the harmonies, and those brilliant improvisations make this one of the most intriguing albums of the year."
-The Jazz Owl

Special thanks to ShapeShifter Lab+ for making this possible!

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