Saxophonist and Composer Daniele Germani Will Release Debut Album A Congregation of Folks on March 26, 2021 via Gleam Records

"Daniele Germani's first recorded document of his music as a leader is full of soulful, personal
expression. I was captured by Daniele's sweet sound and his quartets wonderful collective spirit and
creative dialog throughout." - GRAMMY-winning saxophonist Joe Lovano
Gleam Records is proud to announce the release of A Congregation of Folks, the striking debut
from auspicious newcomer Daniele Germani. Congregation of Folks introduces a riveting and
spirited voice on the alto saxophone, and an intriguing, unique composer. Ten modern jazz
compositions, all penned by Germani, beautifully come to life with the help of his tight-knit quartet
consisting of pianist Justin Salisbury, bassist Giuseppe Cucchiara and drummer Jongkuk Kim. A
Congregation of Folks will be available on CD and digital download/stream on March 26, 2021.
Originally from the Frosinone region of Italy but based in Brooklyn, NY, Daniele Germani is a
fast-rising star on the contemporary New York jazz scene. A graduate of the Conservatory of
Frosinone, Germani moved to Boston in 2013 when he was offered a scholarship to attend Berklee
College of Music. While there, he was admitted to Danilo Perez's prestigious Berklee Global Jazz
Institute, where he studied under the tutelage of Terri Lyne Carrington, Joe Lovano, and his
mentor, George Garzone.
His revelatory experiences in the classroom were rivaled only by those on the bandstand, most
frequently that of Wally's Jazz Cafe, the legendary jazz club where Germani cut his teeth. Known as
the "training ground" for local and rising musicians, performing at Wally's became a regular
occurrence for Germani; eventually he was performing there 2-3 times weekly as a sideman and
with his own groups. A shifting "congregation of folks" from all parts of the world would join Germani
night after night at the storied venue. Wally's played a vital role in Germani's musical and personal
development, and much of the club's vibrant and inspiring spirit is captured on this recorded debut.
"Wally's was the place where we dreamt with our eyes open, " Germani describes.
Early on during his time in Boston, Germani linked up with fellow Italian bassist Giuseppe
Cucchiara, South Korean drummer Jongkuk Kim and Oregon-born pianist Justin Salisbury. They
immediately clicked, and went on to form a tight knit group that developed into a meaningful
friendship and musical partnership. They performed frequently in Boston - at Wally's and in assorted
ensembles at Berklee - and they remained a unit through their graduation and subsequent move to
New York City in 2017. Since then, they have continued to perform together, as well as build
successful independent careers on their own, each ascending to "first call" status among their
talented peers.
Germani took on a personal challenge in 2019 at the behest of his good friend and frequent
collaborator Leo Genovese. "Leo is a brilliant composer and each of his songs are more beautiful
than the last, " says Germani. Inspired by Genovese's trove of jaw-dropping compositions, Germani
challenged himself to write one song a day. "My goal was to be present in the moment when writing
songs… I followed the flow of the moment, and my approach to writing changed depending on what
happened that day. I wanted to be surprised by my own creations." To date, Germani has written
over 450 songs. Two of them appear on Leave It Blank For Now; Germani's 2020 Chant Records
release with Genovese, his Wally's bandmate Boni, stalwart bassist Francesco Marcocci and once
again, Kim - ten others are featured on this stunning debut.
On A Congregation of Folks, Germani takes listeners on an expansive emotional journey that ranges
from joyous and raucous to pensive and inquiring. Highlights include the high energy opener "They
Move In On The Action'' which gives way to the lyrical "One Moment to Moment", a lovely showcase
for Salisbury. Another standout is the meditative title track which opens with a gorgeous saxophone
solo intro "meant to call beloved folks together". This track was inspired by the album's front cover:
his parents' wedding picture with Germani and his band digitally superimposed in the shot, bringing
everyone together. "No Clouds in the Air" is a contemplative exploration that kicks off with a heavy
drone, haunted and prescient, while Germani and his band duel in tones, creating a rich tapestry of
sound. "You Won't Find A Better Listener" is joyous and musical conversation between Germani and
Salisbury, likened to "the best late- night conversation, full effervescence and depth."
Daniele Germani is thrilled to unleash A Congregation of Folks into the world, and hopes that his
music can help bring people together during an ever-perilous time. With the release of his debut,
Germani welcomes you into his congregation of folks.

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