Jazz & Blues Florida January 2021 Issue Posted and New Website Now Active

The January 2021 Issue of Jazz & Blues Florida has been posted at for online reading and/or downloading. Another year, another milestone, with more just around the corner.

Today is also the launch of our new website with a new host on new servers. So, please understand that there is still work to do on full implementation and rollout as how running the same site on the same platform for over 10 years creates a large legacy of issues, some known and many to be found as we forge ahead. If you find errors, omissions or bad logic, please just let us know and we will work on getting it right. Oh, yes, I also want to mention a LEARNING CURVE that is being dealt with as hiring the work out to a developer simply isn't in the budget at this time as you all can understand.

The goal of the move and re-design, besides saving a ton of money for incredibly poor service over the lifetime of using the old service provider, is to slim-n-trim the content while returning to a true focus on our purpose - providing good information on live jazz and blues in Florida. There will be no out-sourced ads, no pop-ups, no use of data tracking to put content in front of you that is not directly fulfilling our purpose. Listings will be simple, straight-forward, and easy to access, and this will also allow us to lower our operating costs which will hopefully keep us in business. Please also note that we will continue with our 2019 pricing, as shown below on the rate sheet.

With these numbers/stats, we know Jazz Blues Florida is viable and provides services that are in demand by jazz and blues consumers:
Lifetime Blog views: 1, 998, 765
(Yes, less than 2, 000 views away from TWO MILLION!)
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 4, 581
Average open rate of 28.3% & Average click rate of 1.6%
Past month News Blog views: 7806
Lifetime website banner views: 18, 019, 222
Lifetime banner clicks: 644.339
Lifetime click-thru rate: 3.58%
Lifetime YouTube views: 360, 948
Current total social media contacts: 20, 094,
Composed of:
FB Personal Page Friends - 5, 000
FB Personal Page Followers - 2, 076
FB JBF Page Followers - 6, 341
LINKEDIN Connections - 3, 576
YouTube - 735 Subscribers
Twitter: 1, 053 Followers
Instagram: 1, 313 Followers

Thank you for your support and love of good music. It's going to take a lot of work to get things back on track for everyone and we know it is worth the effort.

Best to y'all in 2021, and beyond.

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