GARY LUCAS returns to the Netherlands for two live shows in Eindhoven as part of their "SO WHAT'S NEXT FESTIVAL".

On Halloween Oct. 31st Lucas will perform his celebrated live solo score accompanying a screening of the legendary 1931 Spanish-language "Dracula which he debuted to much acclaim at the 2009 Havana Film Festival and went on to perform at the New York Film Festival, the London Jazz Festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Transylvania Film Festival, at Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City, the Sevilla Film Festival, the Lodz Cinergia Festival, the Jerusalem Film Festival, the James River Film Festival in Richmond, the Silent Movie Theatre in LA, the AFI Film Center in Silver Spring MD, at the United Palace Theatre in Harlem, and at many other festivals and venues worldwide.

Lucas' SPANISH DRACULA show will take place on Halloween at 8pm @ Wim van Doorne Muziekkiosk, Eindhoven (drive in), or at 7.30pm and 10pm @ Natlab Eindhoven venue details to be confirmed.

On Day of the Dead Nov. 1st, Gary Lucas will perform two sets with his new duo featuring young Dutch jazz double bass virtuoso / singer PETER WILLEMS.

The shows are at 2:15pm and 4:30pm @ Paterskerk Eindhoven.

Lucas and Willems then head into the recording studio in Holland to work on their forthcoming debut album.

These festival shows will be Gary Lucas' first out of town concerts since lockdown began 7 months ago.

Lucas is thrilled to be playing again in the Netherlands, which was the first European country to embrace his work when he began performing solo in 1990.

In anticipation of Lucas' Dutch dates, on Sunday Oct. 11th, Gary is interviewed by legendary Dutch producer CO DE KLOET on his program "CoLive!" on national Dutch radio NPO as part of a two hour program devoted to "The Music of Gary Lucas".

Listen live here:

Also available on Apple Music:

Gary Lucas' 40-year retrospective double album "THE ESSENTIAL GARY LUCAS" will be released Jan. 29th on Rare Lumiere / Knitting Factory Records.


"Thanks to his fearless attitude and agility, Lucas shape shifts like a chameleon in tune with whatever soundscape he finds himself in"


"Poetry that illuminates the entire emotional and sonic spectrum of guitar"


"FOUR STARSIf you've wondered whether a Mandarin take on 'All Along the Watch Tower' could be as haunting as Bob Dylan's original, the answer is a definitive 'yes' "


Check out a new clip by 3XA for


performed by GARY LUCAS & GODS AND MONSTERS featuring Dina Emerson vocals, Ernie Brooks bass, Jonathan Kane drums, Anthony Kane harp, and Gregg Bendian percussion

GARY LUCAS continues his live-streaming solo concerts from the West Village of NYC every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3pm EDT on Facebook.

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