The Moore-McColl Jazz Society - Electric Fantastic

On their debut album, Electric Fantastic, Beth Moore (vocals, piano, organ) and Chance McColl (electric guitar, vocals) take us on a spirited ride through jazz and blues genres. The duo came together last year to write and record a jazz album, after connecting years earlier through various projects. The result is an hour-long journey with a 2020 take on 1970s jazz organ/guitar combos. Think: "What if Groove Holmes duetted with Boogaloo Joe Jones with drums, upright bass, and a 3-part horn section?"

"I met Beth in 2014 through a mutual friend, " Chance says. "I then hired her to do piano/keys work on a solo record and I was blown away by her musicianship. Later, when I heard her singing and songwriting, I couldn't believe the depth of her talent. I'd been wanting to work with her ever since. I approached her in 2019 about recording a jazz record; half her stuff and half mine. And here we are. I couldn't be happier to share the studio and stage with her talents."

The album was recorded in a live setting at the famed 800 East Studios in Atlanta. Having all of the musicians in one room playing at the same time really gives this album a unique feel. "The title track, 'Electric Fantastic', may be my favorite track because it's got great energy, punchy horns, funky playing with attitude AND it makes you want to dance, " Beth says. "I was so proud of everyone's soloing on that track and it just came together naturally in that live recording session."
Chance talks about the other musicians on the album, "We grabbed some A-list players from the Atlanta scene. No one's better than Joel Morris (drums) and Tim Aucoin (bass). I then used a family connection to reach outside of Atlanta. My nephew Declan Ward from Tampa plays alto sax and his schoolmate Caleb Lattimore plays trumpet. The record is a range of styles that Beth and I brought. My favorite track is either the title track - because it just grabs you and features all the players - or Beth's brilliant arrangement of Supertramp's 'The Logical Song'."

Throughout Electric Fantastic, The Moore-McColl Jazz Society takes us on an hour-long journey of friendship, musicianship, and admiration for classic jazz and blues genres with some of Atlanta's most talented musicians.
Beth Moore: Vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond C3 Organ,
Horn Arrangements
Chance McColl: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Joel Morris: Drums, Percussion
Tim Aucoin: Acoustic, Electric Bass
Caleb Lattimore: Trumpet
Christopher Alpiar: Tenor Sax
Declan Ward: Alto Sax
Ben Holst: Pedal Steel Guitar "I Remember Danny Gatton"
Scott Rashner: Trombone "The Logical Song"
Jordan Alyssa: Backing Vocals "Like A Symphony"
Devynn Phoenix Robinson: Backing Vocals "Like A Symphony"

1.) Electric Fantastic (McColl): 4:53
2.) Like A Symphony (Moore): 4:40
3.) 800 East (McColl): 7:36
4.) Beth's Bounce (Moore): 5:37
5.) The Logical Song (Davies, Hodgson; arrangement by Moore): 4:17
6.) I Remember Danny Gatton (McColl): 6:57
7.) If You Really Loved Me (McColl, Livaditis): 6:47
8.) Blues For Lonnie Williams (McColl, Moore): 7:17
9.) Words (Moore): 3:45

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