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Dear Friends In Music

I would like to celebrate my 58th birthday with all of You, during this Covidian Hiatus. Remember what Galileo Galilei said once: EPPUR SI MUOVE. There is no way going back. The Future is the only past that presently matters. It's a very different birthday for me, considering the times in history in which we currently live. The most difficult thing for me is not being able to travel around the world as usually I do with many of the artists I represent. Our life is full of uncertainty, and my booking life is put aside for a bit. As many know, my only income comes from live shows and touring of artists on my MoonJune Music booking roster, everything is shifted for 2021. Virtually the whole year, since my "legendary" 9-dates-tour-of-Asia, which ended up being only a 1-show-only-tour-of-Asia with Stick Men featuring Gary Husband. In meanwhile, the life goes on, at certain point the live scene will flourish again, and MoonJune Records will be very active this year, so many exciting releases are coming out. In order to support all my friends musicians and to support my upcoming releases and several new productions still to be recorded, I count on Your help.

How You can help? Can buy anything available on But also You can get an annual digital subscription, for only $100, and became the MoonJunista VIP.? For more info check on this link or below:

Instantly get everything MoonJune Records releases from now (in digital format only) plus bonus items from our back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

MoonJune now offers yearly subscriptions for $100.

Over the last 19 years, MoonJune Records has been privileged to present ambitious, visionary music recorded from a profusion of divergent artists scattered across the globe. MoonJune Records, a truly independent one-man-operation from New York City, is a boutique record label of progressive music which explores and expands boundaries of jazz, rock, avant, ethno, the unknown and anything in between and beyond.

As most of you are all too aware, already, the recorded music industry is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. Old business models are no longer workable; sales volumes and profit margins have continued to fall, while overhead continues to rise, unabated. With that in mind,

MoonJune now offers yearly subscriptions for $100.

By contributing $100, you become a "VIP MoonJunista". You are directly supporting MoonJune Records, and in embracing such a role, you'll receive all the upcoming MoonJune Records and MoonJune-related releases in digital format. Realistically, VIP's should expect 15 or more releases annually, and that's a killer deal! (CDs and LPs are not included in the subscription package.

As an added bonus to subscribers, an automatic discount of 25% will be applied to all merchandise purchases offered through MoonJune's BandCamp site (CDs, LPs, t-shirts, books, etc). This VIP membership also gets you automatic downloads of 18 digital albums: samplers and compilations.

And as a VERY SPECIAL DEAL, once You become MoonJune Subscriber, You can choose 20 digital album from the vast MoonJune Records' catalog, as well some non-label releases promoted by MoonJune through our BandCamp page. Once You are ready, please e-mail Your selection to and we will send You download codes in less than 24 hrs. If You a MoonJune novice, and need some help, MJ's honcho Leonardo will help You with the selection if You indicate roughly what kind of music You prefer the most.
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